Top 10 Cycling Instagram Accounts That You Should Follow

Speaker 1: Hank, what are you doing? We’re going to be filming. James: I’m just on Instagram searching far
and wide for the best cycle-related Instagram account. Speaker 1: Okay, coming up are the best Instagram
accounts you should follow as a cyclist. [music]
You didn’t expect us to talk about top cycling Instagram accounts without talking about our
own, GCN. Obviously, if you love cycling, you’ll already
be following us. We have so many different things on there,
from educational beginner videos to racing videos, and even sharing some of your very
own pictures on there too. James: If you don’t want to follow GCN, why
don’t you follow me, James L. Duffy? [chuckles] No, seriously, a really great one
to follow is one called cycling images. Now this is done by Russ Ellis. He basically captures two of his greatest
passions, cycling and photography and combines the two to create the most amazing images
from inside the pro peloton. Take a good look at these. Now, I have to say my personal favorite is
the one of junior athlete in his yellow jersey kissing a necklace. I think that captures pretty much everything,
emotion, cycling, and even the beauty of photography. I do love that one. Speaker 1: Another account that primarily
focuses on pro racing is Keitsuji, get up close and personal in the pro peloton. If pro racing is something you admire, then
definitely head over and have a look at this account. James: The pain faces are great on that, isn’t
it? Speaker 1: They really are. James: It really does show the pros are working
hard then, aren’t they? Speaker 1: Yes, they don’t all find it easy. James: No, exactly. Next on our list is something for you gravel
and adventure lovers. The Radavist Instagram account is full of
exciting and alternative images that really spark your imagination. They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
and with that in mind, the captions are kept nice and short. The best quirky bikes, adventures and characters
from their website make for an account that is definitely worth a follow. Speaker 1: If you enjoy looking at beautiful
custom paintwork and expensive bikes, then fatcreations is definitely an Instagram account
you need to follow. Alistair Mclean is a daily poster of his stunning
paintwork he creates. There’s really something for everyone on there,
from triathlon bikes to TT bikes, road bikes and even downhill bikes. James: If you’re looking for a new custom
build on your bike or custom paint job, then you should definitely take that for a bit
of inspiration. Next on our list is one from Wouter Roosenboom. Now, he has gotten a massive artistic feel
to his pictures. They look super amazing with in-depth details
and really cool different perspective on an account or a cycling account that you wouldn’t
normally see. Do check out this one because I think is my
personal favorite. Speaker 1: Yes, I’d say it’s one of my favorites,
too. If you simply want to be blown away by daring
stunts in epic locations, then Danny Macaskill is definitely one you need to follow. Pushing the boundaries of what anyone believes
is possible on a bike, he’s been an internet sensation for over 10 years now. Have a look back at some of his original footage
to see just how far he’s come. James: He’s just unbelievable what he can
do. In a similar fashion to Danny Macaskill, Fabio
Wibmer creates the most amazing artistic pictures of some daring stunts he does on his bikes. Now, his pictures are very much hard, difficult
and quite scary maneuvres, and if you’ve got the skill and the nerve, then don’t give these
a try but you can watch them. They’re really cool pictures. He’s definitely worth following. Speaker 1: For some of the most beautiful
pictures of riding enjoyment and inspiration, you need to follow Jered Gruber. Not only is he a phenomenal photographer,
he’s an active cyclist and a super nice person in real life, too. Go and check out some of his pictures. James: Similarly to Jered’s, Ashley Gruber,
who’s actually Jered’s wife creates similar kind of artistic pictures from the cycling
pro peloton or even the master adventure races too. Now, if these pictures don’t inspire you to
get out on the bike on gravel, on road, then I don’t know what will. Ashley’s posts are normally accompanied with
a nice bit of text that really brings the photo to life so it’s really worth a follow. It’s a good account. I like it. I like that one. Now, the next one on our list is called Cycling
Trumps. Now, this is totally different to what’s previously
on our list, is an animated cartoon top trump fill. Bear with me on this one, but every time a
rider wins a race, then the cards get updated. You basically keep up to date with how your
favorite men or women riders are doing. You’ve also got a ranking system from 0 to
100 on their time trialing, their GC and even their climbing so you can see how good your
rider is. It’s also got some cyclocrossriders in there
too. It’s a bit of everything. It’s a slightly different Instagram account,
but I like it. I think is really cool. Speaker 1: It’s cool. That brings us to the end of our top 10 cycling
Instagram accounts to follow. If you like this video, please give it a big
thumbs up. James: Yes, but what we really want to know
is what Instagram accounts you guys like to follow. On that note, can you put them down in the
comment section below so we can have a good gander what you guys are interested in. That’s it, isn’t it? Speaker 1: Yes, you can get back to your Instagram
now. James: I can get back to my selfies, can’t
I? [00:05:22] [END OF AUDIO]

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  1. Thanks for this list, Hank and Manon, and thanks for the GCN app–I do enjoy scrolling through those photos and seeing where in the world people are riding and O my, how can there be only three winning inspirational photos each week? So many to enjoy, each quite inspirational, really. And I have to say I like to vote 'supernice' for just about every bike. Maybe you could make the bell ring whenever I do?

  2. I'm not much into Instagram, but I still found this video enjoyable. Nice to see how people are combining cycling and photography.

  3. Oh well I am sure I am missing out but I don't have a insta account , or Twitter or Facebook ,,,,,,,,,,, YouTube and riding my bike will just have to do there are only so many hours in a day 😬

  4. As someone who doesn't have an Instagram acct and app, just yet…

    When's Part 2 of this video coming out? 😊😊😊

  5. Some gravel/adventure/fixie/street profiles:
    @thedraftcc , @rawcyclingmag , @dosnoventa , @brazodehierro , @sigmasports , @mashsf , @therawstories , @grinduro , @bellecycles , @rodeloabs

  6. Here are a few that I really enjoy, @bikefriendlycafes are trying to create a network of cyclist friendly coffee shops, @colvilleandersen working on urban design and cycling infrastructure in cities, @iongottlich the ultimate track cyclist, @farridemag a print magazine documenting cycling journeys, @patrickseabase the legend of fixed gear cycling, @beardmcbeardy professional cycling and cycle adventure photography, @robertgesink professional cyclist with Team Jumbo Visma, @bicycledesign covering concepts and past unusual bicycle concepts, @cycle_magazine French cycling publication, and feel free to look me up for unusual random cycling and travel images. Ciao!

  7. It’s a fairly new account, but Mendipcc are a great follow on Instagram. Some great characters, photos and shenanigans from within a cycling club in Somerset.

  8. I love cycling and I'm not following GCN on Instagram. In fact, I don't even have an Instagram account and hence I'm not following anybody. Should I still consider myself as a cyclist?

  9. I only follow TheRadavist and GCN from your list. But for people who aren't interested in World Tour and this whole roadie stuff this is a list in random order (not top 10 but people I like, mostly offroad, gravel and bikepacking):
    @saltlake_lian @bikepackingcom @furtherjournal @dustinklein_ @julietelliott @dirt_surfers @wherethepavementends @katherinebikes @kellbellandbikes @pathlesspedaled @gravelcyclist @abovebike @ridesofjapan @katiekookaburra1 @pedaledjapan @wimtilkey @steel_and_rubber

  10. I love and am a huge fan of @chiara_redaschi. She captures beautiful images from the pro peloton as well as from her own rides and organized events. You really get a feel of being in that moment.

  11. @slumworm
    – the instagram fixed gear legends who not only feature awesome bike photography but some really cool tricks and other stuff too

  12. Check out photographer and cyclist @augustusfarmer account for updates on his recovery from a serious head injury mixed with cycling photos from before his crash

  13. I only follow two people, GCN and Lewis Hamilton haha. So you made the cut. I don't really use instagram, I got it back when that was the way to upload photos with strava rides (before you could do it on the website).

  14. I was nervous that I would be seeing a bunch of "influencers" b4 watching this video. Thanks for highlighting ppl who are actually producing great photographic content on the 'Gram. @brazodehierro and are two great amazing photographers here in Catalunya. Enjoy!

  15. You should definitely check out @threebackpockets 🙂 It's a massive collection of old, vintage cycling jerseys. Really worth following! 🙂

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