Top 10 Things Not To Eat While Cycling

Let’s face it – whether you’re just out for
a gentle trundle, or racing over cobbles or mountains, there’s nothing better than reaching
into your back pocket to retrieve one of your favourite snacks. But, there are things we
think should be best avoided. So – here’s GCN’s Top 10 things not to eat on a ride. A drive-thru meal We think drive-thrus are meant solely for
cars, and by that I mean there’s no actual signs saying no bikes, are there? But perhaps
this is for good reason, as once you’ve rummaged through your brown bag or little cardboard
box, aside from bottle cages, your bike just isn’t equipped to lay out those delectable
shining examples from each of the food groups. Crisps…or chips. While individual packets of your chosen flavour
of crisps or chips do fit quite handily into the back pocket, attempting to get through
a packet of potato-based snacks (or corn-based, for that matter), while on the move is another
thing altogether, and not one we’d advise here at GCN, especially while descending. Steer clear of party-sized bags, too. Muesli. Want some milk with that Dan? Yeah, you got
some? Come on, you should all have consumed this
popular tasty cereal for your breakfast, so any of you that have gone to the trouble of
taking out a bowl, spoon, milk and the muesli itself on your training ride itself need to
set the alarm a little bit earlier. But full marks for effort. Alright if I have some Dan? Yeah if you want
mate. Bloody hell, that’s really nice! Ice cream As we all know, ice cream, in tub or classic
coned are best consumed on a sandy beach in a deck chair or while taking a gentle stroll
either solo or with friends and family. And, to properly savour all of that creamy goodness,
a refined balance of focus and attentiveness is needed. Such prerequisites cannot be delivered
while manoeuvring your favourite racer at speed. Avoid at all costs. Kebabs. Late nights following a night out, maybe.
But while doing hill reps, trying to get a kebab down the hatch, even with a firm pitta
to hold contents safely within is just too arduous and messy a task. Attempt only if
you are fond of hurling and removing processed meats from your rear sprockets. Actually,
please just leave this one well alone. Pizza Hailing from Naples, the modern pizza is essentially
a blank canvas upon which food is used as a culinary paint. Stick to the dinner table.
A moving bicycle is simply not the place to sample Italy’s signature food. Want a piece Dan? Pizzas just do not have the inherent structural
design to withstand the rigours of being chomped on by a sadly misguided cyclist on the move. Potted snacks and noodles Practical issues, such as the lack of boiling
water or a kettle on the road limit the use of rehydrated potted snacks, but assuming
you did get somehow get some water into the plastic vessel, you’ll need the skills of a rather dextrous
juggler to master the challenging knack of eating your chosen flavour of rice or noodles
with a fork while safely piloting your bicycle. In short, it’s a definitive “no.” Cheese Acceptable in a light spread or thinly sliced
in a roll, cheese can work while out on the road. Although a friend to many, utilised
badly, it could also be your dairy-based enemy. The key here is to use sparingly: no chewing
on blocks of cheddar or wedges of brie, because it will all go horribly wrong in so many ways, as well
as adversely affecting your power to weight ratio as you pile on the pounds. I do like cheese, but not in that kind of
quantity, really. Salad Now we all know a nice tossed salad is good
for you. All those minerals and vitamins, plus tasty dressing of your choice, all thrown
together in a bowl with joyous abandon. But please – this leaved treat should remain sedately
the preserve of the kitchen or restaurant, not flying through the air as if on a windy
autumnal day as you try and munch your way through. Baguettes One of the
absolute staples of French cuisine and much
love the world over, the baguette is arguably the king of all breads made into an elongated
shape. Fine for the breakfast table or a roadside picnic, but not so ideal for eating on the
move. Not only is a full baguette un-aerodynamic, you risk getting it caught in your spokes
or inadvertently jousting
a rider coming the other way. I’m so sorry! There you go!

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  1. Eeee gross.. i would never dirty my bike by eating something and spilling on my bike. I would rather cycle starving.

  2. Genius, everyone of the way's to eat on the bike. I especially liked the way you used the cables to hold the pommes.

  3. Hey guys. Great video and I really appreciate all the work you guys do to make it. I have a quick question. I just started getting into road riding and I was looking at your setup and I see 2 cup holders. I don't see where you have the air-pump. Is the air-pump really needed? thanks

  4. I know this video is four years old, but damn it if it's not just as relevant today as it was in 2014.

  5. I really like you guys. I keep learning a lot from you. You also make me laugh a lot from Kenya. Cheers.

  6. I've eaten a full sized Domino's pizza on a bike, complete with the garlic sauce. The joys of riding fixed

  7. Waiting on the latest showcase for electronic refuelling systems on bikes so we can actually enjoy all these meals on the go.

    I think it'll be called SRAM EaTap, but I could be wrong

  8. I see the muesly. Ok, that is the funniest thing of the day. I see the pizza. Well, that is even more hillarious. And then I see the salad… I could not hold it and i started to laugh. The bad thing is that i was at the bus stop.

  9. Gents , loved this video. could not stop laughing, keep up the good work. i Really enjoy that you make it entertaining.

  10. I have eaten a cone on my bike, the other one I smuggled in a little bracket of the rear suspension but it fell off on the tarmac in front of everyone and I had to stop and hold both cones in my hands

  11. I wanted to see you eat with chopsticks while riding. Maybe enjoy some fried rice or sushi! Sushi would make great energy food as long as it didnt sit in the jersey pocket 1/2 the day!

  12. Handlebar mounted cupholder, and a box mounted on the top tube will allow you to eat all the McDonald's you could ever want while riding

    You could even get the Ramen noodles cooked if you have an ebike with a voltage converter so you can use a 12V kettle (and if you are VERY dexterous/brave)

    Pizza is doable if you have a small takeout box mounted on your handlebars and don't mind the bottom of each slice being greasy

  13. I'm so glad you guys addressed the "rehydrated potted snacks" I was going to try this on my next group ride.

  14. there is a trick to eating chips and such on a bike.

    first you need to open the seal just a bit at the corner, basically making a small funnel just big enough to let stuff out but small enough to fit in your mouth, then crush the contents of the bag enough that they can fit through. You just put the corner to your mouth and shake a mouthful out.

    If you can spare 1 hand you can do this. I learned it driving truck.

  15. I had a smile whilst watching, but 2:31 just broke me up……..i just couldn't stop laughing lol. Well done fellas. Cheers from Australia

  16. I've got feeling just like lost… 'cause I didn't know how xxx GCN people are. You have done very well ! Please add Sushi on the next time.

  17. 🤣🤣 I know I’m 5 years late to the party but I’m literally crying with laughter. I clicked on looking for some serious advice on what to eat on the bike and got to watch the best GCN episode ever. Thanks Dan and Matt you’ve made my day 🤣🤣👍🏼👍🏼

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