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  1. Would not called the last one a bluff since she bluffed in the wrong moment / wrong hand. The only reason she won was because the guy was retarded. Lol.

  2. 10:47 In seiner Fresse sieht man das er ein kein guter Spieler ist.
    Dieser Dummkopf…wie kann man da folden mit 3 4er
    War doch klar das die niemals irgendetwas hat das 3 4er schlagen könnte…
    Das war doch so ein offensichtlicher Bluff..
    Online wäre es auch ziemlich dumm zufolden..

  3. I'm not a professional poker player because life in Puerto Rico is very difficult but it would surely win 67% of the poker players

  4. Great bluffs dont include getting someone to fold 2nd pair with 4 cards to a straight out there. Or a low pair on your hand with 2 aces on board. You guys and your shitty lists. A guy getting someone to lay down ace 6 preflop
    I almost fainted when I saw that. Wow. He folded a hand that is an instafold most of the time. Now chris moneymaker in 03 is heads up for the championship that is list worthy. Last one the guy only folded cuz she was hot. Not a good bluff just he is a shitty player. That's a never fold and he must be working at bk now

  5. #3 is just bad poker. The raises were all weak.. With the weak raises, you knew neither had shit. All it would take is a big bet to buy it.

  6. I love the way kara scott looked at her after she made the original turn bet and then sat back like no way she has it

  7. These fucking kids have ruined poker forever . A 7 bet all in bluff? By the 4th and 5th bet they both knew that neither had an all in hand. I would have been shoved . I know easier said than done but I’m a fucking genius… a genius without a stack. All because I’m not down with the preflop dick measuring contest. And these little fags show the bluff! I would neverrrrrr! Make those fuckers think about it. Then show up with the nuts next time… and yeah yeah I know easier said then done. But like I said I’m a fucking genius and run all over these shitty $25 dollar hometown tourneys. I just don’t have the guts to play with the big boys and can’t afford to lose money. When you think like that you can’t play

  8. I actually turned a set of 4's in a hand similar to this last one. I had 4-5 off and flop came K-9-4 rainbow. There was a bet and a call. The turn came another 4 which lead to another bet and a call. The river was a complete blank so I checked. My opponent lead out, I raised, then he SHOVED. I ultimately made the call and ran into POCKET KINGS which he flopped a set and turned a boat. I feel this guy's situation even though I feel her looks had ALOT to do with him folding.

  9. pokerstars ande full tilt poker is one and the same and the biggest cheating poker site on the net I've seen the cheating first hand

  10. last bluff moment is for this guy bluff not her bluff i guess ? i u know what im mean x)

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  12. The last one was so stupid. There is literally no hand that was beating him. No other possibility was there. The way she played she couldn't have had a straight cause she raised him on the flop and it was impossible for her to have a four cause she wouldn't have called the big blind with that early position

  13. It’s hard to tell the true context of how good the bluff is without seeing the whole hand including the pre-flop stuff, when you just jump in on the turn and we don’t know what’s been going on the whole hand, there’s no way to truly tell how good it was

  14. #1 she had no idea how to play poker….. he should have known…… pro-skills(reading opponents behavior and determining opponent cards) dont work against noobs…

  15. Vanessa's bluff worked out really well for her that day. Punting it all off to Pralad with Jack 9 against his aces.

  16. I'm not sure why, but I've always pretty much hated Vanessa Selbst. I want to like her, but she always comes across as annoyed. It bugs me. I think I actually like Helmuth better, because there's some variety to his personality. Vanessa just always acts like the game and her opponents, and their play annoy her. It gets old very quickly.

  17. the #1 was bad,
    he already followed her until the river comes, and he already had a good set, so even if he folded he would still lose alot of cash, so why bother fold when he could have went all in,

  18. ma come fate a considerare bluff la numero 3? il flopp non lo hanno proprio visto. se cade un J o un K vince lui altro che bluff. quello della numero 1 invece dovrebbe giocare invece a burraco

  19. I think when last the dude laid his cards down he thought it would = a lay down with miss Finland later that evening

  20. It was funny to see Kara Scott cheer that the other chick bluffed the guy. It's really amazing to see behavior like this. Of course one could parry by saying that such is just speculation and that maybe she was just cheering because she wanted that person to win, but if you've been a fan of Kara for long enough, you'll know it probably isn't true. I think it was partly her problem with men that drove away so many of her fans, and you can see here too, same old thing.

    I definitely can't stand sexism or racism against anyone, regardless of the human being in question, but trying to force the market into a "women's poker matters equally and it's sexism that explains why women don't play as well or as often… therefore activism is needed and cheering on my ladies is needed, etc" is like trying to create a feminine word for every word in English: it's creating a problem where there isn't one. Basketball, football, hockey, acting, it's all the same.

    Sad stuff.

  21. If she really has 55 or QQ she plays that hand so much different. The 6 changes nothing and she woulda went all in before the river. Makes alot more sense for her to be in the KK or AA range which you have beat. And she would be playing so fucking bad if shes re raising with a gutter ball. This isn't even a mediocre bluff.

  22. can completely understand why first guy folded, he only had 2nd pair and there was a flush draw and straight draw. Way too many hands had him beat

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