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    Color Cars Construction Cartoons!
    This is the front end of a tractor. It is the driver’s cab.
    These four color cars are carrying some other parts of the tractor.
    Thanks cars! Shall we Let’s put all pieces together onto the tractor?
    Two rear wheels. An exhaust pipe, for the engine.
    Front bumper and towing hook.
    And here is the trailer. Let’s hook it on and go!
    Can you find 2 vehicles the same?
    Two tractors! Supper!
    Two yellow cars! Great!
    And two fuel tankers!
    Here are some colour shapes. Do you know their names?
    Rectangle, square, star, triangle, circle!
    Let's lay these shapes onto the tractor’s trailer.
    Ooh! Lots of vehicles! But which is the tractor?
    That’s right! This vehicle!
    Now we see the crane loading these shapes onto the Magic Train’s carriages.
    Do you remember their names?
    Circle, triangle, star, square …and rectangle.
    Off goes our Magic Train until the next time.
    Have a nice trip, Magic Train!

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