TWIN TELEPATHY SLIP N SLIDE Challenge in my BACKYARD!  | Rebecca Zamolo & Merrell Twins

– No! – Eww – It’s chunky! – You need to change your voice! – You mean like this? This slip-and-slide
challenge is so much fun! [Dramatic Music] C’mon you guys! – I thought we were doing the twin telepathy
slip-and-slide challenge! – Yeah, no, we are! – Then who’s that? – It’s a long story c’mon you guys, go go go, behind here! Here, here there, here! Shh shh shh I think we lost them. – Daniel and Matt are supposed
to be meeting us over there, c’mon! – [Daniel] Rebecca,
c’mon, c’mon c’mon c’mon! – Okay! Get in, get in, okay. – [Daniel] Did you guys make it in okay? – Yeah yeah yeah. – Where are we? – [Daniel] In a location. – A safehouse. – [Daniel] Safehouse! Yeah! – Is Matt here? – [Daniel] Yeah, he came a little bit ago after he lost the giant board game. – [Girls] Oh yeah. Yeah. – He got eliminated pretty fast. Okay, well let’s go in you guys. Okay we’re here. – [Twins] Wow! – [Man] Hey! – You made it! See like I said, we are doing
a slip and slide challenge. – Yes, I’m ready! – Hey Zam-Fam, it’s Rebecca, and I am with the Merrell twins! – Hey!
– Hi guys! – And I’m super excited because today we are doing the twin telepathy slip
and slide challenge! – Don’t choose the wrong mystery box. – So the way this challenge works is we’re each gonna take turns choosing which slip and slide to go down. One or two. And the other two people have to guess which one you chose. Does that make sense? – Yeah
– Yeah – Except there’s a twist! I asked you guys on Instagram, what items we should slide
through in the mystery boxes. So one slip and slide will be normal, and another might have a disgusting, weird, sticky,
messy type of food. – Yes!
– No! And make sure to smash
the thumbs up button if you guys like these kind of challenges and then check out the video that we did on theirs after this where we did a giant board game challenge. And I’m not gonna tell you who won but you’re gonna wanna see. Okay? – You’re gonna have to watch to find out! – So, there are three rounds, and then a bonus round. And to decide who goes first I thought you guys are on my channel, so you guys should rock paper scissors. – [Twins] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – That means you get to go first. – All right wait-
– Oh no! – Comment if you know who this is, which twin is this? Comment right now and it is – [Girls] Veronica! – So Veronica is going first and the items I’ve put out on Instagram were between ketchup or mustard. – No! – And you guys chose ketchup! – So we have ketchup on this one, you guys chose ketchup. Which one do you think
I should it in Daniel? Do you have any preference? – [Daniel] Let’s go with two. – So, Matt right now, is putting the ketchup in one of those. Do you guys think he doing
one or two with the ketchup? – Oh.
– He might do two? – No, no, no. Like the number. – Oh. – That’s what I- – I hope they like ketchup! – I mean you never know with Matt but- – I think he might be choosing one. – I think he’s doing two. – Really? – Yeah. – Bottle number two. – I’m so nervous! – You’re going first, and then we have to try to guess which one you slid down. – [Daniel] All right, here we go! – Good luck Veronica! – [Daniel] Don’t look, don’t look! – How ya feelin? – I’m nervous!
– Are you nervous? – Okay. Which one are you thinking about going to? We have one or two. – I think I’m gonna do one. – I feel like she might choose one. – One? Okay. You guys heard, she’s saying one. I’m undecided right now. – [Daniel] Three, two, one! – Okay. – [Daniel] How do you feel? – [Girls] I’m nervous! – She’s got the twin telepathy, but I feel like I might
be able to do something. I think I’m in, like,
unison with Veronica, so I think I can guess what she did. Do you wanna go next? – Sure. – Okay.
– [Daniel] Don’t look! – Not looking. – Look at me! I’m all wet! – Oh! You didn’t- you didn’t get hit! – So now you just need to
choose between one or two. – I feel like… One! – [Daniel and Matt] One! – Okay – [Matt] Three, – [Daniel] two, one! – [Daniel] She didn’t make it through. – So I’m not sure if Veronica went through the ketchup or the normal one but I’m thinking that she went on… So I think I’m gonna choose that. Will you guys let me know
which one should I choose! – [Daniel] It’s your turn. – Okay. – [Daniel] How ya feelin?
– I’m nervous! – [Daniel] Okay, cover your eyes. – Okay. – [Matt] I want you to choose right here. – Choose right here? – [Matt] Yup. – Okay, I feel like I have
twin telepathy powers. Two. Okay I can’t close my
eyes or I can’t walk. – [Daniel] I know, I know, – just don’t look that way.
– Ill go like this. – [Daniel] She chose two! – Two… – [Daniel] How do you feel about that? – All right, well we’ll see. – [Daniel] Okay. – Go Rebecca! – I’m nervous! – [Girl] Let’s go! – Three… – [Group] two, one. – Ugh! Eww! It’s chunky! It’s chunky! Did you guys get it right? They got the same? See! you guys, I knew they were perfect
for the Game Master Network. – [Daniel] Wait, no, sh- – They have the twin telepathy. – [Twins] What! – I mean, I knew that they would know
this challenge you guys! Okay so I guess the
twins have the telepathy! – Yes!
– Yay! – Woo! – And then there’s me. – Well Veronica did it, but lets see what Vanessa does, cause I feel like I’m
gonna get it this time. So for round two, I had you guys on Instagram decide between extra sticky honey or syrup. And guess what they chose. – [Twins] Extra sticky honey. – Yep, you guys did and- – [Daniel] Twin Telepathy
going on already, right? – I know! – [Daniel] Super sticky honey, here we go. Okay, which side are you gonna choose? Are you gonna go with two? Or one? – Whoa. – [Daniel] Is it super sticky? – Super sticky, super sweet. – [Daniel] Yum. Are we gonna do two again? – Gonna do two again. – Lets just get ’em. – [Daniel] I know. – So, Veronica already went and now its Vanessa’s turn, and you get to decide, and then we have to try to guess what one you picked. – Oh man. So technically the challenge
is even if I get messy, as long as we get it right, we’re doing the challenge correctly. – [Rebecca] Right! – Yeah. – Okay – But then, you know, for this round you have to
be in sticky honey so… – No, I don’t want to be in sticky- – Yeah well you know what? Some of us are in ketchup right now. Your life’s not that bad. – [Daniel] There’s
still even some ketchup. Honey ketchup. – [Daniel] Who’s up next? – Its me, its me… – [Daniel] Okay, all
right, cover your eyes. – Here’s why I’m confused. Because you could put it in one, but you could try to trick
us and put it in two. – Yup. – And because if we go down two, it might be there. – [Daniel] Yup. – Yup. Do you guys really
have twin telepathy? Is it a thing? – It is a thing. We had the same dream once. – [Daniel] What! – Anyways-
– [Daniel] On the same night? – Yeah, same night! – [Daniel] Whoa, that’s crazy! – I think I’m going to do… – [Daniel] Okay. Three, two, one. – Ugh! Ooh! I chose poorly. – [Daniel] And how do you feel? – Sticky! Eww! – What do you think she chose? Come on, you’re the twin, help me out here! – I think she chose two. – You think two? Okay. – I think she got it. – Good luck! – Okay! – Good luck! All right lets see if this twin telepathy is real. – I feel like she chose two, I’m gonna do two. – Ooo look I’m dripping honey! – You gotta watch. – [Daniel] She’s got a lot of honey. – I don’t want all the honey! – [Daniel] She might have
taken a lot of the honey then. – But the challenge is to
test our twin telepathy. – So I’m gonna- – either one you choose, it doesn’t matter. It has to be twin telepathy. – [Daniel] Well you chose two. – Okay, I chose two! – [Daniel] So you’re already locked in. – All right, here we go! – [Daniel] Ready? Three, two, one! – [Daniel] Whoa! – [Matt] That was sweet. – [Daniel] That was a pretty good slide. – [Vanessa] Are you sticky? – Oh my- yeah- I- oh- I’m sticky… – [Daniel] It worked – It worked. – [Daniel] It worked. – Wow
– [Daniel] All right. – This is a thing. – Okay so Veronica and
Vanessa are over there and I didn’t want to tell them this but for the bonus round RZ Twin is coming and we are going to be switching places and we’re gonna see if the twins can tell that its not really me, that it’s actually my twin. So stay tuned til the bonus round. I’m so excited. – All right Rebecca, how are you feeling about
this whole challenge? I mean I think they have
pretty good twin telepathy. I think they’d be perfect
for the Game Master Network. – I mean, I just want to let- you haven’t gone through the slide yet, but two rounds, and they’ve already guessed
each other both times – Wait! They did? – And they told me that they
have the same dream sometimes. – Really? – Yeah, that’s some creepy stuff. But, it could be useful. – Yeah, especially because there’s so many clones out there. They can’t clone them. – Right.
– They’re already twins. – Yeah, but I still don’t
think there’s a clone of me. I don’t think that looked like me, but you said it was. – You guys, let me know what you think. You guys saw in the clue house. – They left me a lot of posts on Instagram saying that I had a
clone and I don’t know. Okay you’re up! – Yep, I’m up. – Hide, hide your eyes. – I am picking… based on their outfits- – Well, I got honey too so… – [Daniel] The telepathy worked again. – It worked again? – [Daniel] Yeah. – Okay, I’m gonna go with one. – [Daniel] One!
– Yup. – [Daniel] Okay. – I said one, I’m gonna stick to one. – [Daniel] All right.
– Okay. – [Matt] Why one? – Uh, I don’t know, cause
I have twin telepathy. Am I right? – [Daniel] I mean, you said stick. It’s a good word I guess
for what you chose. – Okay! – [Daniel] You wanna change?
Or are you good with- – No, I’m good. I’m going with one. – [Daniel] Okay, she chose one! – Okay. Three, – [Everyone] Two, one! – Get it? One? – Did I get it! No! – [Daniel] Nope. – No! I got it right? Wait, did they get it wrong? – [Daniel] They both chose two. – Wait, but they guessed the same. – [Daniel] So they got it wrong, they got the honey. But they got it right, because they both guessed the same box. – Just say ♪one of these
is not like the other♪ – So this is the last and final round before the bonus round. and it’s now my turn to go. I am so excited that its finally my turn. – [Daniel] But I thought
RZ Twin was coming. – Shh, Daniel. – Who’s that? – No, no.. – [Daniel] Oh, right, right, right. – Nothing… it’s nothing. No, no, no. It’s fine. I asked you guys on Instagram if you guys wanted us to slide through shaving cream or whipped cream and guess what they chose. – I don’t know, shaving cream? – I think they picked whipped cream. – Is it whipped cream? – Whipped cream it is! – All right, let’s see your twin telepathy
challenge without your twin. With me as your twin! – [Daniel] Lets try one! Lets try one. You’re gonna do it? – Yeah. – [Daniel] Okay. Whoa. – What do you think the guys are gonna pick for the whipped cream? One- – I don’t know – I feel like they are
gonna try to trick us. – Both?
– I have no- – No.
– No. – They wouldn’t do that. No. – I feel like they’re gonna put it in one, because we just did two. – Oh! They did it twice. – We did two and you chose one. – I don’t know. Or they’re just gonna keep
it in two the whole time. – [Daniel] There’s like a river of whipped cream. – Gonna stop the cheaters from cheating. – [Daniel] That’s gonna throw them off. They may choose one. All right your turn. – I’m ready. – [Daniel] Cover your eyes. – I’m ready, I already got one right. – So Rebecca is going right now but what does she mean about RZ twin? – I don’t- like what’s like
the Game Master Network? I saw it like in her bio
once but I didn’t click it. Guys, click that link and
let us know what it is. – I’m gonna see if these twins are really good at this twin telepathy because I’m not even their twin but I’m hoping that they can, you know like, use their powers and figure
out what I’m choosing. – [Daniel] Oh? Okay. – I really hope I did not
choose the wrong mystery box. I hope I don’t get any whipped cream. Three, [Daniel And Rebecca] Two, one! – Gross! Okay, I’m not gonna say anything cause I don’t want them to hear, but that was not cool. – [Daniel] All right, who’s going next? – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – [Daniel] Uh-oh. – I’m going next. – [Daniel] All right. – Okay, all right. – May the telepathy force be with you! – Did you get it? – I’m not telling! – Okay, you can’t look because it’s a little bit noticeable. – Really? – So you can’t look. Yeah.
– I made a mess. – I’m really nervous!
– I went full force on this slip and slide challenge. – Okay, so do you have any idea what your sister’s thinking right now? – No, I really don’t. – Okay, then just throw up the number, let’s do this. – This isn’t about her sister, this is about me! – Oh yeah! – Channel, channel.
– C’mon, c’mon – We got this. – [Daniel] One. Three, [Rebecca And Daniel] Two, one! – Eeek! – Oh my gosh! – [Rebecca] It over
flowed from the other one. – Eew! Eew! – Refill! – [Daniel] Do you think you’ll be able to guess
what Rebecca was thinking? – I think so. – [Daniel] Okay. – I think so. – [Daniel] All right, close your eyes. – Okay, oh man, oh, my arm is sticky. Ew. – Do you think you’re sister’s my twin? – We’re not showing you. – We’re not showing you. – Like my heart says two. – [Daniel] Two! All right, two! Three, – [All] Two, one! – Go! – [Veronica] She saw the whipped cream! – Ew! I have honey on my foot still! – Ugh. – [Daniel] Well the bad news is that you got whipped cream on you. But the good news is is that you did guess what Rebecca got. – So we learned that you probably aren’t the
best slip and slider. I think you started halfway
on the slip and slide. – [Vanessa] Well, to be fair- – She starts running
off the slip and slide. – To be fair, when I was younger, I went on a slip and slide and knocked the air out of me, like the wind. – [Daniel] Oh.
– Oh. – And it caused-like, I
have a mental block of- – [Daniel] Sort of facing
your fear today really. – Yeah! You chose one! – I did.
– She chose one. – But I still got the whipped cream cause it overflowed! – Your turn. – [Daniel] Matt’s turn? – My Turn! – I’m just kidding. – Now are you ready for the bonus round? – Ugh! I forgot the bonus round! – There is a bonus round. You guys might actually enjoy this. I asked on Instagram if they wanted us to just go through a normal slip and slide or a Doritos slip and slide. – I love Doritos! – And guess what they chose? – Doritos! – Yup, Doritos! So actually, you know what? I’m gonna take a break really quickly, but like get a towel, just dry off for a sec
and I’ll be right out. Okay? – [Both] Okay. – Okay, come on. RZ twin is here and were switching places. The only thing is I only
have these black pants, I don’t have the blue ones. – [Daniel] They’re gonna notice. – Well maybe I’ll say
that I had to change them, they were too wet or something. – [Daniel] Okay, how do you feel that
they’re doing, Rebecca? – I think they’re doing a pretty good job. Zamfam- – [Daniel] Should they be
in the Game Master Network? – I don’t know. Zamfam, what do you guys think? Should we have the Merrell Twins join the Game Master Network? I think we need to keep
trying different people out. – [Daniel] Okay, it’s a good idea. Yeah. – Right? – [Daniel] Before we recruit somebody. – Yeah, I mean I like them. I just don’t know yet. – [Daniel] Okay, oh, did you hear that? Door bell. – Come on, come on come in. Come inside. – Okay. – Just change into these, and don’t forget to wet
your hair like mine, okay? They’ll know if your hair is dry. Okay, great. – How do I look? I wet my hair a little bit. – Okay, yeah, you look great but you need to change your voice! – You mean like this? This slip and slide
challenge is so much fun! – Yeah! That’s great! Now, hopefully they figure it out and they’ll pass the test. I’m gonna be hiding though and spying and using my camera, filming behind the scenes, Okay? So good luck. – [Daniel] Okay, come on. – Okay you guys. So they are outside, RZ twin is with them right now, and I’m just gonna be spying from here. – What took you so long? – I uh- I had to use the restroom. – [Rebecca] Good cover RZ twin, I didn’t tell you to say that. – You’re like dry and
do you have pink eye? – [Veronica] Is the food
gonna get in your eye? – [Vanessa] Was it the whipped cream? – Okay it’s time to get
back to this challenge. – Why did you change? – We’re gonna get wet again. – I don’t understand. – You look all dry. What happened to all the
ketchup on your shirt? – I washed it off in the bathroom and then I blow dried it. – [Daniel] Rebecca can- – Yeah, yeah, yeah – [Daniel] Yeah – Yes, bonus round. So for the bonus round, its Doritos. Let’s use our twin telepathy
for this bonus round. – All right. So this is the bonus round. I’m gonna be placing these
Doritos in one of the boxes, all three of them are gonna be just choosing
which one to go through. – [Daniel] Do you think they
knew that that’s RZ twin? – I don’t know. That was really, pretty obvious. Right? – [Daniel] Yeah. I think they know. – All right. So, are you having fun with this twin telepathy challenge? – Yeah. This is fun. – Do you wish you had a twin? – I am a twin. – Do you think we’ll all
have matching answers? Do you think we’re all twins? – I mean I think that’s
the point of the game. – Yeah. – Is to get all matching answers. – Bonus round. – [Daniel] Where are you gonna put it? – I only know of one spot I can put it. – [Daniel] Man, you never change. – [Daniel] All right RZ- uh, Rebecca, it’s your turn. – Do they know? – [Daniel] I don’t know. Did they say anything to you? – I don’t know, something
weird is happening. – Something is going on
and we don’t understand. – Rebecca’s acting really strange, and they just called her RZ again. – They don’t know that I’m a twin. – Do you wish you had a twin? – I am a twin. – [Daniel] Okay RZ twin. What did you choose? – I’m choosing number two. – [Rebecca] Two was the same
number I would have chose. – [Daniel] What do you
think Rebecca would choose? – She would choose number two. – [Daniel] Three, two, one. – I need to go you guys, I’m close to figuring
out who the red hood is. – Okay, is it really a couple? – I can’t say yet, but I need to leave. – [Daniel] Is it a YouTube couple? – Tell them I went to the bathroom. – [Rebecca] Where is she going? Rz twin! Don’t go, don’t go! – [Daniel] Uh, Rebecca
had to use the restroom… – [Matt] Yeah. – [Daniel] Again. – [Matt] She’ll be right back. – Okay
– Okay – Ooo I smell- I smell Doritos. – You do smell Doritos! So which one do you
feel like you wanna do? – I want to do one. – [Daniel] One, all right. Three, two, one. – [Daniel] Wow! – Oh! Yay, I didn’t get them. – [Daniel] There you go. – Yes! – [Daniel] All right. – And I did a good one. – [Daniel] Good job. Good job! – Come, right this way. Close your eyes. You’re good, you’re good. – [Daniel] Now you’re clear! Okay, its you’re choice. You don’t guess anybody, you just get to choose one or two. – I’m gonna go- I’m gonna go with… – [Daniel] Two! She chose two. – [Matt] Three, – [Both] Two, one! – Eee! – Oh! Ew! Ew! That is disgusting! It’s all soggy! – [Matt] It’s not good, It’s not good. – [Vanessa] Those Doritos are no bueno! – Okay. – [Daniel] Okay. – Did they notice? – [Daniel] They kinda noticed but I don’t think they really got it. – Okay, ahh! So did you guys guess the right one? What did you pick? – I picked- you picked one, I picked two. – Oh! I picked two! – [Both] Oh! – Then I got it wrong. – You got it right the last time and then I got it right the next time. – Yeah, so you guys are
like basically twins. – Yeah! – We are twins! – Is your eye feeling better? – Yeah! – Is that how it works? – Anyways we should probably
offshore this video, right? All right you guys, and that concludes us doing the slip and slide twin
telepathy challenge. Let us know if you think
they should join the- Let us know if you guys had
fun doing this challenge, give the video a big thumbs up, and check out the video
we did on their channel. It was a giant board game challenge. I’ll link it in the description below. Shout-out to these people that are wearing Zamfam
merch and tagged me. And people that got 100% on
the Game Master Network quiz. You guys will have to check
out the Game Master Network. – It’s in the description, right? – Yeah, Exactly! And check out the video right here. Love you Zamfam! And we’ll see you next time! – [All] Bye!

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  1. Do you think the Merrell Twins they noticed RZ Twin in this Twin Telepathy Slip N Slide challenge? Be sure to watch their giant board game challenge on their channel!

  2. I have a twin sis called Leah so me and the merrell twins have something in common also Rebecca and Matt and Daniel I love too 👯‍♀️

  3. No Daniel dose not have a clone unless the red hood has took the idea from the Quadrant and took a DNA Sample and cloned him😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😕😕😕😕😕😕😕.

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