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What’s up, everybody its cheeto finger Hope you’re having a good day. Hopefully you’re having an awesome day, right? Hey, it’s been a great day and gods Unchained land We built a deck for every single God every single one one for each who knows if they’ll have made more gods I don’t know. I just like playing the game and I’m gonna help you play it that’s what cheeto is here for right? Alright, so we did one deck for each one of our gods Pretty amazing stuff right there already all done. Let’s go take a look at them Let’s jump in here into our inventory Look at all these cars. Mmm. Yeah, the reason I pulled this up as they did make a card change tonight Look, they look a little bit different. They look really cool. I like them. So as you know in the workshop here We’ve built a deck for everyone. We have the chino vixen. I know it’s kind of hard to see up there I got my vocals on we got the cheeto What’s this one the cheeto hippie now over here under Tito’s fat head We have the cheeto muscle and the cheeto flame now, you might be wondering. Hey cheeto. These are cool. I like them where can I find them right or maybe you’re like I Have the best deck of all time. I’m gonna share it might not be the best idea in the world But maybe maybe you’re over it. You’ve already used it You’ve won you’ve won the Grand Championship and you’re like here’s how I did it Then I’m gonna show you where you can put it, right Or maybe you want to share with your friends and you’ll be like, hey, let’s tweak this deck you could do that, too You can do anything you want. Well, not anything but most most things gods Unchained related All right. So in order to accomplish this we’re gonna have to go to a scary place called the internet Everywhere all right, so I am at a website called G you Dexcom That’s the cheeto finger approved website on where to buy your your cards. It’s the best place gu Dexcom all right, so I’m gonna show you a bunch of buttons. I am there’s lots of buttons here We already looked at the one called maida. I just made it white We already looked at that that’s how you know, you’re ranking, right? I did a video on that how to check your ranking you could just put in into the googles or wherever Cheeto finger how to check rank. You’ve no right away. There’s a video teaching you how to do it Alright, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go here to decks because I already put one in there Nobody’s seen it probably Let’s look Because it’s a new game. Nobody knows. Hey, mr. Cheeto finger Look, there’s the cheeto hottie dick you guys remember the building of the cheeto hottie deck. There it is I put it in there 15 people have seen it May not be that good. I don’t know. I don’t know but let’s do this. Let’s go in and Build a deck. All right. Now, here’s what I’m gonna be doing. I’m gonna go over here Okay, and we already have we already have the cheeto hottie it’s already in there. We already did it So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do that Let me look. Let me look. Which one do we call him. We call him Cheeto roids, we’re gonna upload the cheeto roids Dec 4th, Ariel. All right. Now, here’s what I’m doing Okay, just so you guys know. Let me let me let me change something for you. I know it’s very complex Okay, it’s not that hard. Really. Alright, so I have to go over here. I’m gonna show you what I’m doing Okay, so I’m gonna open up my deck over here on my side I’m gonna open up the cheeto roy deck this one right here. You see it. That’s the cheeto Roy deck right there Now down here if I click on one. Those are all the cards that are in that deck right there, right? Those are the cards that are contained in the cheeto rhoids deck. Okay? Now I’m gonna change screens and you guys are gonna be like a Cheeto I don’t understand where you’re getting these cards from I’m pulling them out of my deck and I’m putting him on the website That’s what I’m doing. So you guys will hear me read cards, right? These are all the ones in the four level So I’m gonna start out with the one level right? So I’m gonna input all of these cards all of them I’m gonna say I have two of these and ten of these and whatever. Okay, then you’ll see how it works. Here we go So I’m gonna jump back over to the website. We are now back on the rgu cards or excuse me GU Dexcom I’ll teach you that one later now. It’d be a good time to subscribe All right, so we are gonna do a deck for thereally now. Here’s the thing a Lot of people like heavens light though. I’ve seen it a lot of people like that that got ability I’m real on this one though with someone acolyte that’s gonna be his god ability 42 roids Okay, so next what cards are in it? What cards are in this? Okay, so I’m gonna look you don’t have to okay. You don’t have to look I’m going to Let me go to my deck and I have to tough town folks in there too. So let’s go put those in So there are an alphabetical order. They’re probably back here a little bit more. I don’t want to go that far Let’s go to the next one All right, next one tough towns folk. Here we go Look at all these cards. Wow, they’re everywhere Or another thing you can do is you can do this There it is tough towns folk, right, so I’ll put that in there and I have two of them That’s why I put two there’s two in the deck. So those are in there now All right, so I have to tough towns folk. Let’s see. What else we got a Ghost Marauder and a Wiccan warrior so let’s find those So again, we can go alphabetical If we so choose, oh, these are all cards. Hmm. I want to go by God light That’ll make life easier right that that makes life a lot easier because then when I say a ghost Marauder and a Wiccan warrior Then I can just go find them right? I’m guessing Wiccan Warriors probably over here. Yeah, let’s see Doot-doot-doot or we could just go Wiccan. Oh It’s a neutral card. That’s why There it is. Wiccan warrior. It’s not specific to light. It’s not. Okay. So there’s another one and we need a ghost Marauder We’ll just keep doing this. This is working out well So ghost Marauder is there we’re gonna throw him in there Okay, and then we’ve got to meet or CH bearer and a patron Sacrament. Okay, so a tomb torch bearer? And once you’ve seen this once you won’t have to watch it again You’ll just know how to do it right then you can go in and do your own decks Alright, so wicked tomb torchbearer patron sacrament and rampart Patron sacrament got that one and then rampart There it is, alright, so let’s see I have one two three four five six seven I need a fillip protector in there. I need a fellow protector That’s the last one of the ones so that’s the hard part. Right? So let’s throw a filler protector in there So we should have eight cards one two, three, four, five six seven eight eight on the money Alright, let’s jump into our two’s we only have four of these this will go fast An ambitious ambitious adventurer gotta have one of those right draw cards So an ambitious adventure we got him. What else do we have a hoplite a shield maiden and an aging veteran? sounds like a movie a Hoplite they’ll make one now a hoplite a shield maiden Where are you shieldmaiden there you are and an aging veteran Areas, where is he? He’s the aging veteran. All right, so we should have four four cards in the two region All right. It’s kind of a fun deck to play a really is in the three region We have three two dwarf ant le’ts in a medic another good movie Two door fan. Let’s and a medic So DW there is one two. Ooh, that’s all I had I just had to I need to open some more packs clearly and a combat medic I could never have enough combat medics, but I only put one I only put one in this deck I didn’t want to over meta sighs it okay All right four we’re coming into the four range. We’ve got a serene blade We’re gonna take that on this one, right? So serene blade Give me a serene blade in there. I’m gonna want a fee bein brawler and a traveling Bard So you’re learning a lot about card names to Phoebe and brawler I have more but I’m gonna take the traveling Bard ooh Where is he? Where’s that bard? Let’s just go the Easy of the I know what he looks like. Where is he? What’s maybe we could try bard? He’s hard to find there. He is the traveling Bard. I’m only taking one of those I call him the Traveling Wilburys. Sorry Sorry, I’m in the man But I just just what I call him solemn lecture and a Pyrrhic adolescent Solemn lecturer Solemn lecture Pyrrhic adolescent Look look that’s a py p why not a hatchling? An adolescent and now they have a big brother to I don’t have it yet I’m working on it and lastly a Helios Guardian of which mine is gold Because I have a gold one Serious maybe he’s not gold but he’s cool-looking. So whatever he’s my gold. All right That’s it. One, two, three, four, five six in that region. So six. Okay good. We’re almost done. This is amazing Look at this. Okay. All right, so Then we’re gonna just put in we’re coming into the five range Double ogre archers double and a jungle princess. So let’s get them in there. Oh Gee double one two Because that’s what I have and I love that card and a gentle princess. There. She is I think we got a couple more a hardened Chandler and an annoying combatant both great cards both great cards Heart and Chandler There it is and then lastly an annoying combat Oh Nice ball Where’s the annoying combatant, where is he eight and and oh why that’s what I thought There he is the annoying combatant he’s just hard to find he’s trying to hide Alright, so we should have five in the five one, two, three four Five and the five we’re looking good. Okay Let’s see where we are over here coming into the six not only brought – my favorite – for this deck storm stris and Minotaur phalanx. Hey there what I got. I got to work with them right till I work my way up storm stress In Minotaur phalanx mmm. He’s delicious. Look at that thing. Oh, He’s so bad arse. I didn’t I like that word arse. They use it in England from what I heard All right. Let’s see one seven and one eight. We’ve got a cyclops defender in a blackguard. We’ll see what happens with them I don’t know. I’ve never played this deck sighs cyclops defender and a black garden Okay, let’s get him in there There’s the cyclops defender and the blackguard The blackguard there it is. All right So all of the cards have been filled in now if you look over here It shows that look and it shows what’s in it You see that? All right, so I’m gonna hit next All right, I got to give it a name Cheater roids, there it is Built by I did you can put your notes in you don’t have to Cheat Oh finger at and I’ll give you my website in here. You’re already here, but just in case you forget Right, you might be like, where did he go? I’m right here. I’m always here. It’s my own channel I had to go jump through all kinds of Hoops to get it It’s on the youtubes. I have a Facebook to see I bet you can’t guess what the name is You okay you got it it’s cheetah finger Cheeto finger bill. Okay, and this deck concentrates I cuz I like to try to tell people what’s in my crazy hit concentrates on using smaller core cards Mostly frontline right? There’s a lot of frontline in there With higher small earth fewer small a few or higher cards. Let’s put it that way We’ll be tweaking I’m gonna tweak it. Maybe you leave a comment in your like. Hey cheeto Why don’t you put this in there then I will I’ll put it in the in the cheeto Roy deck, right? Maybe we’ll build a super awesome deck. So that’s in there now built by Chino finger Okay right there and I’m gonna submit the deck The only if anybody wanted to use it they could all they’d have to do is just go look at it Write the cheeto roids. Dick is now on GU Dexcom its deck number seven six nine. I was really hoping to get that deck number actually, this is gonna be the best deck of all time Dec 7 6 9 Go ahead. I wish I could hit I wish I could upload it But I can’t Because I’m the one that built it Do that now you could you could download it if you want you I guess if you wanted right I mean you could maybe I would hope that you would but let me see what happens. All right, let’s go look at it Let’s hit Dex and we’ll search for it. We’ll see what’s coming up for mr. Cheeto finger Now there the remainder of there they are look look now I don’t know why it says point zero zero zero two or whatever ether. I might have thrown a card in there I wasn’t aware of I was trying to use all poor cards I was trying but maybe I’ll get that one It’s worth like eight cents. I think at point zero zero two ether that might be in dollars So wolf, I think that’s the ether price but look it was uploaded a few seconds ago. It’s good to go Now if you wanted watch this you could go in to the cheeto roids neck and say you know what? I’m gonna clone it Let me clone that deck. It’s amazing I’m gonna use it right or or maybe you peruse some of the other decks You don’t have to use the cheeto finger deck. Okay, but if you do it, it works going to put this battle was 114. Oh right Yeah, only if you want to or I died because of cheeto you could you could probably say that to that would that would work? alright So hopefully you guys enjoyed This episode of how to put your your cards on ji-eun x.com Upcoming the card chronicles as well as live Live videos. Well not live. I can live stream, too And I’m going to but live videos of the decks that we built in action, right? I’m all you guys follow it Maybe maybe maybe we make some tweaks We’ll have to see alright with that being said now, you know now you know how to get your decks on G you Dexcom so, you know finger out keep your fingers clean

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