Video Games vs. Board Games — Discussion Video

Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the lounge, we’re
here in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas at Freddie’s place having a couple of drinks
and some snacks out on the back porch – I’m Daddy Brad. Daddy Owen: I’m Daddy Owen. Today’s lounge
is brought to you by Fundex Games – where fun comes first or a very close second. Daddy Clay: That’s not the slug! I’m Daddy
Clay – this is the show we experience lots of questions about parenting with out fellow
parents, and they tell us how they confront their parenting. This week’s question is? Daddy Brad: When it comes to family game night,
do you like the old school board games or the new fangled video versions? Daddy Clay: Game night – you guys are all
gathered around, are you going to hit the video games or are you going to the old fashioned
– part cheesey? Man 1: Totally X-Box – in our house its
all about the X-Box 360. Man 2: My kids like board games, but board
games are a big commitment – someone has to clean up afterwards. Lady 1: We’re in to Power Rangers right
now, so we play a lot of jungle fury. Daddy Owen: I played Wii once and it freaked
me! It haunted me! Why does my hand make the TV move? – I don’t need that kind of power. Man 3: When they are bigger I am hoping to
do board games to, again fulfill my destiny to be the worlds greatest D & D Dungeon Master. Lady 2: I don’t even think I want Berkeley
to know about video games for a really long time. Man 4: I got rid of my Playstation 2. Daddy Brad: You don’t interact on your Wii,
and you need to roll some dice and count and move little things around the board. Man 5: As a neurologist one of the things
– especially with the video games, they can be not very interactive. Man 2: Last week my daughters taught me 3
games. They taught me the Dr. Pepper Daddy Clay: How do you play Jungle Fury? Lady 1: Someone is spirit of the tiger Man 2: Doctor
Daddy Owen: Pepper Daddy Owen and Man 2: Doctor Pepper Lady 1: Someone is spirit of the cheetah Man 2: Went to town Lady 1: Someone is spirit of the eagle and
then the baby is the pasha master. Man 2: Maid Red shot him down Daddy Clay: Who’s the spirit of the tiger? Lady 1: The spirit of the tiger is usually
me. Daddy Clay: Yeah? Man 2: Now he’s drinking 7-Up. Lady 2: We’re trying to teach Berkeley,
you know that winning is everything and that better than losing is just walking away from
the game. Daddy Clay: So at what point do you let the
kids play the M-rated games? Man 1: Actually he is at home right now playing
the wrath of Dogma. Man 5: The more you interact socially – the
more active you are with ideas, this helps because it can make new connections all the
time that are ongoing and that’s very helpful. Man 2: Crispy crème with no caffeine Lady 1: Sometimes we have a Michael Jackson
dance party. Man 6: I’m afraid that if I give my kids
a video game, that they will just be like uhhh! Man 5: What you do in the video game – you’re
just practicing like you were practising to catch a ball – you’re just practicing
to get your cerebellum to work, but you’re not really creating any new cognitive kinds
of pathways. Man 2: Never once, never twice and freeze! Man 6: I can’t get my kids to sit still
for a board game, and honestly, I am scared to death of video games. Daddy Clay: Have you ever played any Fundex
games? Child 1: Umm Man 7: Board games are obviously boring! That’s
why they call them board games. Child 1: Is Gassy Gas one of them? Daddy Clay: Yes! Child 1: When that guy, like you pump his
head and then he farts a lot. Daddy Clay: Yes, yes! Isn’t that a good
game? Child 1: Yeah cool. Daddy Clay: Okay I’ll get you that money
later. Jodi: We don’t have any video games. Daddy Owen: We don’t have any video games,
but when Dad Labs starts paying… Jodi: Yes I want a Wii. Daddy Owen: Well there’s a bathroom over
there. Man 2: I didn’t know any of these games
a week ago, but if you let the kids teach you a game and it changes their whole perspective
about grown-ups know things that kids don’t know and stuff like that. Man 3: Yeah I really do think video games
teach problem solving skills. You know board games might teach them more about life just
because it’s a slower pace. Daddy Clay: So this has been a very interesting
conversation about game night here at Freddie’s, but that’s all for us this week. Drop us
a comment please about what game night is like in your house – you’ll automatically
be registered for our weekly giveaway and this week Daddy Brad, what have we got? Daddy Brad: An assortment of Fundex games
– we’ve got great games – outdoor games, indoor games. Dominoes, checkers games, dice
games, board games – one that’s called Gasset Gusset that farts, and it’s a funny
game and kids love it that people fart! And everybody loves it when people fart. Daddy Clay: You’re about to stroke out.
That’s all for this week. We hope we see you back in the lounge next week. Daddy Brad: You know a dog sweats through
his tongue so is it spweat? Because it’s spit and sweat all mixed together.

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  1. 3 things–
    1. DaddyClay— change that shirt
    2. DaddyBrad –you have WAY TOO much time on your hands.
    3. DaddyOwen— You're too kewl
    Board games teach interaction between family members

  2. Since my daughter is only 16 mos, "Game Night" usually consists of her violently swiping all of the alphanumeric magnets off the fridge and then waiting for me to pick them up and put them back on, then repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat… Sometimes mommy comes and watches the game, but she never seems to want to participate (I don't know why).

  3. 1. – they always wear the same shirts… it's continuity… their "uniforms", if you will

    2. I agree with you… but I think Clay has said in at least one video that Brad has too much time on his hands

    3. I agree again… LOVE Owen

  4. we love board games… but we have to set up more than one, one for the 4yr old who thinks that all the pieces are little characters in her story… and one for the boys… then my husband and I take turns playing with the boys and with our daughter.

  5. Oh… Video Games are fine, too… we have them, but they are VERY MUCH the minority… our kids play them less than once a month… it's a special treat… like when we have a lot of company and we feed all the kids first and have a grownup dinner, we'll set all the kids up with video games so they can play in a team on a game or against one another and play quietly in a small space while we have our adult time.

  6. Game night? What is game night? LOL. I play games with my son every day/night. Indoor games & outdoor games. We like board games okay but both of us prefer to play outside. We play made up games as well as other types like hide and seek, golf, croquet etc.

    He does play computer games with his dad though and he seems to think those are fun too. I agree they are but definitely in moderation. =)

    – Heidi

  7. My mom babysat yesterday. I came home to find the whole group around a board game. I find that for spontaneous game time, I go for the Wii because it seems like less of a time commitment.

  8. Board games are the past and future. That means I'm the future, stay tuned for my first game invention coming later this year.

  9. "Board games are boring that's the reason why they are called board games."

    That doesn't make any sense. Who says that you can't have as much fun on a board than in front of a PC?
    The only game that this guy played in his life is probably Monopoly. And then I'm not surprised that he thinks board games are boring.

    And: Video games don't teach life skills half as good as board games do!

  10. @gameex1 That's not accurate, you are comparing modern video games with OLD board games. If you want to compare mw, halo or battlefield you should compare those to MODERN board games like Combat Commander, Memoir 44, Cosmic Encounter, etc. Otherwise it's like comparing Dominion to Tetris.

  11. This discussion makes me think that many of the people here (and in the comment section) have never played a modern board game. The board games that have been released over the last 15-20 years are, unlike the Parker Brothers garbage, actually *fun*. In fact I'm at the point where a video game will usually start boring me within a matter of minutes but I'm pretty much addicted to board gaming.

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