Vidéorègle jeu de société ” MAGIC MAZE ” par Yahndrev (#550)(+sub)

And here’s the Vidéorègle Magic Maze, a
maze game boosted by cooperation for 1-8 players, indeed, one can
play solo and 8, to see 9 with a slight variation.
This is a game published by Sit Kasper Lapp Down!
At the hardware level: First of a series large maze of tiles, which serve
to build the different mazes we will have in the various scenarios.
For indeed, the game is played in different scenarios. And these tiles are numbered
bottom right with numbers up of 1 to 24.
For the introductory scenario you take all tiles 1 through 9 and
others will be returned to the box. You then place the tile 1 in the middle
of the table. Attention has two faces: 1a and 1b. You will place it on the 1a.
Then all the other tiles 2 to 9 will be correctly mixed before being
arranged in a pile, face down. Then we have four pieces that represent
four adventurers with whom we let’s go play:
-a barbaric yellow with a “sword” symbol; -a magician in purple with a symbol
“potion”; -a elf with a symbol of “arc” and
-a dwarf with a symbol of “ax” in orange. So we will always take these four tokens
regardless of the number of players, as indeed they each will not be awarded to someone
but can be handled by all the world.
We will arrange on the 4 central squares 1a of the tile that we placed in the middle of
Table. Then we have a set of chips “out
service “that we will have next to the board game.
Then we have a special double-sided tile with A and B on one side to the other. We go
let the moment on side A and The also have a corner table.
Then we have a big wooden peg that will also have nearby players.
And finally, a special hourglass which lasts 3 minutes. So this is a classic hourglass. We’re going
also available next to the game board. We are left only two packets
tiles: a small package like this that used for soloing.
I will show you how to play several so we can put it back in the box. And
the other tiles are marked by small Figures in the bottom corner
right. Attention some of these tiles are double-sided
so you’ll sometimes find the numbers correspondents for indeed, we will
take all corresponding tiles numbers of players. So imagine that we
play three: we will select the three tiles (there will be as much as players)
that figure 3 indicated above. You then assign to the random each
player one of these tiles they will be able have before them. Warning! There is a
arrow indicated with the North. It will be necessary that each player leaves out its tile in the
same orientation as the North which is placed on the drawing board. So there, that player then
let this tile in front of him like this, him like this, and he like this.
This being done, we are ready to start the initiation scenario, but what is
the aim of the game? Well, still in Magic Maze, we are
a group of adventurers who made us sum steal all our properties and we decided,
as we do not even have a penny for we buy equipment, to go
local mall to try to steal our equipment.
We will then we hide vigils to attempt to steal objects that match
each of us before all from together toward the exit and escape
of the center. But this time-limited and as quickly as possible. If we
together, we will win and win all together. But if time passes,
we all lost. So at first, we have to
that the mall is explored with the pawns so has to appear almost
all tiles from the game because, actually, each piece will have to try to find the object
matching him. The barbarian will find the sword, the dwarf will find the ax
Elf bow and the magician will find potion. However, the counters do not belong
not to a particular player and anyone that can move any piece provided
to respect the small tile we were distributed. Indeed, each player will
be limited to doing only actions available on its tile. So we have
play cooperatively to find out who the right to do what. And all this will play out
in real time. Ie that all world will play at the same time trying
to make its shares only. And in addition of that, there will normally be a problem
Communication. We will not have the right to discuss with each other, because we
are thieves and should be discreet. But for the introductory part, you can
decide to play without this rule and still discuss as and wherever
thu. So what each player will be able to
according to the symbols he has before him?
If you have the arrow to the north (it is why it will orient the tiles
in the same way not to deceive) it will mean that player then has the
right throughout the duration of the part to raise the pawns to the north, especially
boxes as necessary. So, if I Yellow decides to play, I can bring
to the end or bring to the place that I want. By cons, if I have no other
arrow than that, I could not do move in directions other than thereof.
Indeed, perhaps another player will “descend pawns” have another “to
right “, another will be” left “. Then, we also have the possibility to use
escalators that are drawn on the board. Obviously, there are also small and walls
we can not cross. It will be careful. If a token is
bottom or top of an escalator, the player that is symbol to have it right
to pass a character up or down escalator, as desired.
Then we have the action “vortex”. The vortex allow the player who is symbol
before him to take any pawn to bring about a color vortex
correspondingly. For example, it may decide take the token to bring the elf
directly on the green vortex located at that place. It is always in this
sense one: take a piece to make it happen on any vortex its present color
on the game, even if it is on a different tile. In contrast, if a character is already
a vortex, we can not bring it on normal box. Finally, we have the symbol
“Exploration” and it will explore all First bring a checker on the location of the exploration
matching color. For example, if we manage to bring the barbarian on the small
yellow magnifying glass which is that place, with sword symbol, the player who has it
symbol in front of him will be entitled to draw the tile which is located on top of the package
and direct it so as to place the small white arrow that is present on every
tile, opposite the place where the character just explore. So, like this for example.
While attention is always this arrow white that is placed when there is an action
“To explore”. It will take place on yellow yellow, what can happen to you in error
on the first parts. always arrow White soon as you discover a new
tile. So clarification on Movement:
pawns players disturb other pawns. So we can never cross or stop
on a space that is occupied by another player. If, for example, I brought yellow
to the top, the other two pawns block. It should therefore another player with the action
“Left” moves the pawns like this to I can then move the yellow marker
until there. It will therefore coordinate with other players.
So depending on the number of players we have seen that we distributed small
tiles have several symbols. Here for example, three players, that player then
be able to advance characters to Northern and right. This will have the right
to both escalators, explorations and runs south. And that player then
will move the pegs to the left and may use the vortex.
Depending on the number of players, you will have different symbols. Obviously if you
playing two there are more and if you play for more, you will have a single symbol
in front of you. You can possibly have twice the same symbol as a function of
number of players too. Which means both players can achieve the same
Such actions. So beware, the game will unfold in real time, and we have
three minutes and try to advance to get our characters on good
boxes. This is a little short and that’s why sometimes there little boxes with an hourglass.
If we can take any piece, regardless of its color, a symbol
hourglass, once it arrives, immediately, it will return the hourglass. But beware,
must return the hourglass before it arrives at the end. If ever the hourglass empties, we
directly lose the game! And it will raise this action when he
are almost no sand in the hourglass, history back nearly three minutes.
For indeed, if ever by mistake, a player advances on such a box and returns
the hourglass while we remained much time, so, it will be very detrimental
because it will remain us very shortly. So try to coordinate well for you
you put on these places at the right time. And as soon as the hourglass is returned, we
take the side a little token “out service “to have this hourglass
as the character piece that has it go to show that we can
use this ability more “hourglass” on this box there. It will discover other
hourglasses in the mall for the right to give us additional minutes
to win the game. So, before starting the hourglass and start
the actual part, we still even the right to discuss some strategy
to adopt. Indeed, it will especially be necessary that explores the early maximum before sending
our pieces on the various corresponding boxes their colors. It is therefore necessary to explore
Maximum center to find these objects and also find out because it will take us
out during this introductory scenario, by the same output. Then, in normal mode
each character will go on an output special. On this starting tile,
So we have four exploration areas corresponding to the four colors of the characters.
So we have to try to get as quickly as possible the four characters
on the four symbols exploration for to bring up four new
tiles in play. So we will be able to discuss what he will have to do. Yellow will
have to try to go there. Purple will go there, here the orange and green there. As
we randomly arranged them on these boxes Start, perhaps they will interfere
each other and it will provide a little in advance what we want to do
on this first plateau. When we think to be ready, go!
We return the hourglass and everyone can play along! Then, that player then,
quickly drop this one here. One was coordinated with it, so fast, it brings
the. Meanwhile the other players: This causes the orange pawn, then
as it has the right to go right, takes her to the right. It’s been two that can
do some exploring! That player then has the exploration, So fast, it takes a tile on top
and places the tile with the arrow in front of the yellow pin and as the other is there, it can
also do it for him. He draws another tile and also places the arrow before it
character. Meanwhile, others do also advance their pawns. So this one
decides to move the purple here and violet advance there. And presto! That player then
that exploration, even place a new tile. And from the moment a tile
is asked, any pawn can move over there. This is not necessarily the purple pawn
that will go on that tile. Anything that can follow. So there, the player can
decide to move there because there still has a violet exploration here. It is
So the purple pawn which must then go that this new tile, it will go
explore with a orange character. The pawn yellow will go there, and may the green
be brought here. But maybe he should better he goes here? After that, it depends
tactics. We can decide strategy to find out which tile to appear
first. So, as we will bring up places
where the characters have to go. The Barbarian will have to go on this box here
to be able to fly. But it will take together all the pieces of their symbols
for we consider they stole their objects. Indeed, they will fly simultaneously
together their items! So there, no need to bring too quickly
because here we will have to continue exploration so that each has found the object he
must fly. Obviously, we will have to monitor the weather. There, although it we can see
left much time. Quick! We will be able to tell a player he can get a pawn
to the left. Quick quick! Take this piece there! Yes! I bring here, I turn the hourglass,
I quickly put a symbol to indicate that we can not use this feature.
And quick! It continues the game. We will stop never the hourglass. We hurry and that’s
the stress that will be us to lose. So, remember that you can use
the vortex to save time. For example, Green pawn explored already here, so it
would have to go explore here. The player that the vortex could say: Here I
brings up directly on the vortex then. Like that, it will then be easier
for others to gradually bring up that place and make a new
exploration that enlarges the maze. So in this first scenario, there will
only one exit for all players. This will be the violet output, which is shown
on that tile. But we can not use it until we have not stolen objects.
So it will continue and try to win time by not forgetting to go on
hourglasses time to time. So for exploration, sometimes we will place
tiles that will be that there will be closures. So pay attention. Here one can not
not pass this box then in this box there because there is a wall. But against, if
eg I am here and brings up this tile there, although we put the arrow
side of the counter and it will be another exit. So then, any pawn
will go through that place. So beware, the player with the vortex
should think about using it. Once found all the items, we will have to take
quickly each pin on the corresponding location to its color. Thus, for example, violet
must go to the box that is here. So it’s good, it’s not too far, there
no need to take him. Orange is go on this box there. So there it is
a bit stuck but it is not very far so there is no problem. On the other hand,
yellow must go here. As he is there, the vortex can be used to bring
until there. It’ll be saving time because it will not realize it was as
movement. So once we managed to take each piece on its square (imagine
be it as that, we have to wait all the pieces arrive) as soon as the
last pawn reaches the box color, the first objective is achieved and we will return
this tile that tells us now all the characters must escape. Sadly,
you may have noticed this little symbol which tells us that from there,
vortex no longer work! This will require to advance the characters normally.
Using escalators and moving forward in the hallways. Once a pawn arrives
on exit box, immediately we will place on this small individual tray
showing that it’s good, it’s already happened. Quick! The other pieces are rushing to
get the following and all this in the time hourglass. And be careful! If ever
the hourglass has more sand at a time given we have lost the game! Warning!
On this scenario we only have 4 boxes that will appear hourglass symbols
and therefore we will have a maximum of 3 times 4: 12 minutes to get out of the mall.
Which is very short, trust me, on the first parts.
So once this first part of discovery done, which will allow you to understand well
the rules for each of the players, we will be able to rebuild the party but this
Once it with real rules. It is say without communication! From the time
where the hourglass will be launched, players will no more right to say a word! Nor to
noise, or make gestures! And so, each is doing and trying to do
which corresponds to what has been assigned with its tile.
The only two things that you will be allowed will be: to stare a player. And
the second will give him the pawn “is something! “. * laughs *
But it says nothing and we only look fixedly or move the pawn. Then maybe
he will not understand. And it may very well give it to another player for him
say to do something before. Therefore: No other communication!
Fortunately though, when you bring a pawn on an hourglass and you will return,
that player may yell “stop!” as soon as the hourglass will be returned immediately
we have the right to discuss. But do move pawns while we talk!
And continuous flow sand in the hourglass. So here we can talk, talk, talk and
as soon as you think it is good to go, as soon a pawn is a pawn move was the most
right to speak until next time where we return the hourglass.
So as we can intervene only when a player makes a mistake. If someone
wrong, at that time, exceptionally, we have the right to say “you were wrong.” We
recovering the pawn where it was before this player makes the mistake. But is stopped
not the hourglass continues to flow! And it’s gone, we no longer talk and this time,
it will have to be the player who makes good the movement that was banned player
in particular. So watch for vortex. As soon as we
has managed to steal the items, it will forbidden to use it. That is why we
may return the vortex tile for the back it said it is forbidden to use
the vortex. Because it is often made that mistake using a vortex when you have more right
to make the final round. Then after this first scenario,
you can go to number 2 scenario. We will use the same tiles but we will
add three tiles: the tile 10, tile 11 and the tile 12. Who will give outputs
different for each of the counters. Effectively, the initiation scenario we all fate
by the violet output but once you will put these tiles, each piece will be
released by the release of its own color. And as it adds three tiles inside
package that will mixed, that will make you three additional tiles that will
to appear in the maze! Ca complex also the game!
Then the third scenario adds another a little extra money. Tiles
are the same. Ie outputs for each pawns. We still use the
tiles from 1 to 12. But each time we will bring the piece and we will return
hourglass, we will have to follow the small symbol that will be glued to the hourglass.
He says that every time we return it, players will give the tile that
in front of them to the player who is to the left! The orders become so different
for every player and it is very complicated to pass orders they had another
order changes. And every time we returns the hourglass we redo pass these tiles
to the left. Scenario 4 will add two tiles
the package: the 13 tile and tile 14. And on top of that, there will be two rules
Additional to the dwarf and elf. Sure, there will be small partitions
orange which match the color of the dwarf. And when will place these tiles on
the game, the dwarf will go through the fine vents that are drawn within these walls.
This will be the only piece that will have the right through those boxes there. For the Elf, to
whenever it falls on an exploration box, exceptionally, the small symbol we will
Who is here. It raises the exploration tile the elf just in front and then we have the
right to speak. But according to the same rule that when you turn the hourglass:
we can not move the pawns as we discusses. And as soon as we finished discussing,
we advance a pawn and as soon as a pawn moved, nobody can talk. And this symbol
is present on all the tiles from the game. So it will be valid for all other
tiles also where there is the scanning symbol elf with this little speaker.
For Scenario 5, we will add capacity Special sorceress. So exceptionally
this time, we do not play with the tile 1a to start, but with the tile 1b!
Before always have 4 pawns middle randomly. It will also add the tile
15 we will exceptionally on above the tile deck. We will mix
first of all the tiles with the tile packet 15 apart. And the tile will be put on the 15
above the package. This will be the first tile that will appear in the first
exploration. Then, on this tile ago with a box represented a crystal ball
for the magician. Once the aura brings up, it will take a pass
purple pin down on this box. And when the magician will arrive on this box, the
player will have the action “explore” with a magnifying glass, will be entitled exceptionally
making an exploration tile for place at any place that fixes it,
always respecting the arrow, even if it no one in front, and to take immediate
a second to also place on the game. It can even put after
the first or the place at any valid point, as it suits. Warning!
Once this action is completed, it will put a small token “off” above.
This we can do only once in the part. By cons, we can do it to anyone
when and we can therefore expect more Later in the game whether strategic
to bring the box to do so. But as the players do not have the right to communicate,
I remind you, it will depend on the good want the player with the magnifying glass and those
which will bring the magician in that place. Obviously, if we take another pawn on
this case, it is useless and it will a mistake if we ever made and the action
take everything back in place and re-mix the package if ever fired tiles
we had not the right place. So be careful not to mislead you is
well drawn in purple this capacity because Only the magician can do it.
Then the script will add capacity 6 Special barbarian. We will add two
Additional tiles: the 16 and the 17. This that’s getting a lot of tiles
explore in order to achieve a steal and escape! And on these tiles, we will
an additional box to divination the sorceress. So will be nice because we
can make a second action to draw two tiles from the game to place them.
And fortunately because, as we still adds, it becomes increasingly difficult. And
there will be surveillance cameras. Warning! These cameras, single
the Barbarian will disable. Where a surveillance camera, it is not
serious. But if, at some point, it brings up a second tile with
a surveillance camera, it will be then forbidden to go to the boxes
“Hourglass” to return. Warning! if we left a lot of time while
the second surveillance camera appears, it will soon have to hurry to turn off!
And there is the barbarian, as they are drawn in yellow and there is little
sword symbol, which will go on these boxes there. And as soon as he arrives on a
box “camera”, he breaks it and if there is only one surveillance camera, we
can go on the hourglasses. By cons, if are two or more which are not yet
broken, we still can not get on the hourglasses. The last scenario
Discovery will add you the latest difficulties you add just
the tile 18 and 19 which comprise two cameras Additional safety. And it will
the more complex game because I reminds you that from two, we can not use
hourglasses. Be careful when do appear tiles!
So once you have done this seventh scenario many times, and you will
properly managed to finish it, you another 10 additional scenarios that
are “major challenges”. Indeed, in the game as you have a piece like this
where you can mark your successes. Yes you pass the scenario 8, 9, etc …
until 17 scenario. You can perform each of these scenarios
with a different number of tiles, as this, by making the rules increasingly
complexes As we followed him. And beside it was a small box to mark
the number of “hourglass” boxes you used. Obviously, if you have the
not all in use or have used as little as possible, is even better!
You can record the names of players who participated and the number of hourglasses that
were used if you managed the scenario. Because if you have not succeeded,
you do not mark your name on the “Grand Book of Challenges “!
So let’s talk about the solo version Thurs Obviously you will not need
this piece because you play alone. you will take the small tiles of orders, although
mixing to form a package pickaxe. Once you are ready to begin,
you start the timer and you can not use one hand to bring up
the first tile. Top! Let’s go! I return the first tile, I can do down
a pawn. I can reveal the green car it does not suit me. I can go down
other pieces if I wish. So the, I have not thought so before the yellow
not going down on this box there. The Green blocks. Then I use a vortex
and could tell; I will use this vortex for green. I use or not the capacity.
I can make many times if I want. Until I fall on the tiles
arrange me. Here, it does not help me. I would to have the arrow on the left. Here! Left.
I can take that one. So, we must I make a crawl, but I have
not the right tile because I need that where there magnifier represented. So,
when we have finished package is put back as it and go again! Here I go up
magnifying glass. I found it! I can do The “appear a tile” option. And so
right now! Beware though: Whenever you
will return the hourglass bringing a pawn to that place (and it should not be forgotten
to the small marker to indicate you will not have the right), you return
hourglass and you will take all tiles and quickly remixing them before
rearrange before you pile face down. And hop! You continue the game, but with the order
actions that is different! As can be have you started to memorize them. Of
Suddenly, the challenge remains the same. It is necessary bring all the characters on their boxes
respective and then get them out of labyrinth. And believe me, this is not
simple! By doing this, because you have to hurry with one hand show the
Shares that wishes to have. So Magic Maze. You will have it
including an excellent party game and cooperation. While we laugh about
the table, we have no right to do too noise and must be coordinated. Make
Attention has taken a fairly large table because you can go a little in any
which way. We will have to place the starting tile in the center of a pretty table
large. And especially if you play with great tiles, it can give something like
it. And do not forget that you can play up to 8. And obviously, the more you
Many around the table, the more it risks to be difficult to move the pawn to
try to understand what the player must do. Because it does not need players
fall asleep and above all, they make nonsense by moving the characters
their objectives or not realizing actions likely to win
group. So here is! It is very speed! It is very stressful * laughs *. But it’s very,
Very kind. And it makes good laugh. Thank you for following me and very soon
for a new Vidéorègle! Goodbye!

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  1. J'ai testé ce jeu hier soir en solo : j'en ai fait quatre parties d'affilée avec le premier scénario. Très sympa, je ne regrette pas mon achat.

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