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War Card Game : How to Play the War Card Game With 4 Players

War Card Game : How to Play the War Card Game With 4 Players

Let’s look at how you play war four player.
Well, the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to deal out the cards evenly
to you and your three kids. Or heck, to you and your three frat brothers. However you
want to do this. Sometimes in life, even as adults, the game of war is the only game we
can manage. So you want to make sure you deal out evenly. If you’ve watched my other segments
you know I have spoon thumbs so this is about the most elegant deal I can do. Thank you
for bearing with me. Now everybody puts their cards in a neat stack. Then we each roll our own as we say in poker.
So two cards coming out, you have four. Now this is interesting because two kings came
out so you have a question. Who fights the war? Well, there are two ways to play. One
is all four players would fight the war if you will. The other is the players who threw
out the kings. You’ll need to decide what are your house rules for war. I would suggest,
if you’re playing – if it’s you and three small kids – everybody gets to be part of
the war. Otherwise, well you know there might be issues. Issues of feeling like someone
is unincluded. So let’s just all play our war and see who wins. It looks like I win
with a ten of spades. Lucky me. Look at all those cards I just picked up. Well, that’s
how war works and I have the good fortune of being well on the way to winning the game.

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  1. You win the game by getting everyone's cards, you lose by losing all your cards, the more cards u have the better =)

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