Warhammer Quest the Adventure Card Game Final Thoughts

Warhammer Quest the Adventure Card Game Final Thoughts

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  1. Just finished the campaign for the first time, went 3-2 and we definitely are excited to go through it again. I am looking forward to expansions so much at this point! Thanks for the run-through as always!

  2. I wonder, in a 4 player set up, how often would you be stuck doing the same action, as it's the thing you're best at in the party.

  3. You haven't mentioned Space Hulk Death Angel in your final thoughts – how would you compare both games? It's obvious you like Death Angel more, is it because of the difficulty? You seem to not mind dice resolution in Death Angel.

  4. Finish scenario 4 and you'll wish you've brought more friends to help you. The first missions of the campaign was designed to be easy so you can ramp up and have more items before you fight the big guys.

  5. I wouldn't touch this game with a ten foot pole (I'm not a fan of the 'muscly orcs' genre). But I appreciate that you do runthroughs on games that you are not likely to enjoy, and are able to give an objective assessment at the end.

  6. My ratings for comparable card games: Lord of the Ring LCG 8.8 – Warhammer Quest CG 8.2 – Space Hulk Death Angel 8.5.All fun and playable and it really depends on the MOOD why you would want to play.LotRing is by far the more heavier and deeper, an incredible – diceless – game. Much underrated by Rahdo and Co. Death Angel is a pure beer and pretzels game with an extreme luck factor, but it is so easy to set up and it never plays longer than 45 minutes.This WH Quest game though is a middle of the road play, while just being a little too long/fiddly compared to Death Angel.All 3 fall just under the Legendary Card game (expansions) series though (9.0-9.2) – both in speed of play/solo/tension build up and an incredible "competition/campaign" support on BBG for that Legendary system.If I had to choose a single system, it would be very difficult indeed; but ATM this Warhammer Quest game lacks a bit the competitive nature I guess of comparing your (solo) efforts with others on the web (like for example Lotro or Legendary do).The advantage all these games have is their solo nature which makes them all timeless, a VERY important fact in board gaming. You will always be able TO REPLAY THEM endlessly in X years.If you are not into Lovecraft gaming these games are all worth their purchase (up to a certain limit in expansions though).
    I would give an extra point to Warhammer Quest though as it demonstrates you don't need to tear up cards and use stickers and mutulate a gaming board to set up a campaign 🙂

  7. As a ShadowRun fan I was looking forward to trying another game that is fast to setup and plays within an hour and doesnt rely heavily on components.

    I too believe that this game is brilliantly designed. It literally feels like you are traversing the dungeons. The first player is holding the lantern (up front). And when engaged with enemies, its like being engaged with them on the board. 3 max. And if you want to do another move, they have the opportunity to attack.

    What I like is that there are unique character classes. Each character plays different and you must work with the group.

    But due to the dice rolling mechanic and there are only 4 moves to choose from, the extent of you strategiesing your next move is limited. And thus not very exhilarating when you actually pull it off. I am kind of not a fan of the whole success tokens. Its a guaranteed win if you collect enough.

  8. Hit the nail on the head with this one! I enjoyed it, but I really do feel like this is the 'gateway' game for this style of game. As much as I love Lord of the Rings LCG I can never just pull someone into it (with all the meta deckbuilding game going on outside of the game), but Warhammer Quest ACG just lets me plop someone down, hand them 4 actions and character card and we're ready to roll (literally in this case).

  9. Thanks for this great run through, Rahdo. I am totally in love with this game because of the streamlined gameplay. I wouldn't compare that game with titles like LotR LCG because the deckbuilding aspect of LotR is more or less the key to win and therefore a huge part of the game. I also think that the big advantage of Warhammer Quest is that you nearly always have acces to all your abilities. Playing Mistfall I often feel like I have so many cards on my hand and none of them is useful.
    All in all I think Warhammer Quest is the perfect card game for people who don't like deck building and don't want to be beaten by a game time and again before completing a quest.

  10. Just stare at that token propped up in the right corner. Will Richard ever notice it? Will it stay there forever in every video from now on? Find out next time on Rahdo Runs Through!

  11. This looks like the kind of game I can dig into with my 12 year old and 9 year old sons. I tried LOTR card game with the 12 year old, because we both love the franchise, but it did seem to take a bit too long for us. I suspect it'll be easier to get this to the table and get the 9-year old in there too.

  12. Hey Rahdo, I really appreciate how fair you are to games. You don't just say you do or don't like a game, but you always explain what is good about a game, even one you don't like. So good on ya.

  13. The mark of a good reviewer is the ability to gush over a game system's strengths as well as critique it's weaknesses. To be able to do that while admitting that the game in question is NOT a game that fits into your style of play and letting the audience know that you probably would NOT choose it for yourself, but that they should consider it shows a fairness and respect for games in general and the hobby overall! Great set of video reviews/walkthroughs. You are definitely a class act sir!

  14. I totally agree with your review it feels sorta "forced" on what to do. The thing for me is it doesn't seem deep enough and kinda grindy. Overall its ok. I think it needs an expansion.

  15. I will get this.
    Sure it is no superbalanced long term strategy with build paths.
    But it seems fun and this is a have light hearted fun kind of game 🙂
    if I play it over and over then expansions will be avaible by then.

  16. hey rahdo, thanks for the unbiased summary. I know others have already said this but it's great how you explain the pros and the cons even if you feel the game is not for you and Jen. Really enjoy watching your vids, especially as like you I often end up playing a lot of 2 player games, love how you always mention how a game works with 2 players! keep up the good work.Fan from the UK.

  17. Out of the games you mentioned in this final thoughts would you say this is the easiest to get into? although I am huge LOTR fan, I think the lotr card game would be too much for someone new to this type of game to get into. I can only get this or lotr ( they are exactly the same price). Your comments would be much appreciated. thanks!

  18. thanks for getting back to me, you shadowrun, which is currently too expensive where I am and death angel, which seems good but for the little extra money warhammer quest is worth it. the additional content is not a huge factor as the lcg factor is another thing putting me off lotr. Do you think there is enough to keep you going for what you get straight out the box in this game?

  19. Have it ordered. I've been eyeing it for some time and currently it's $20 on Amazon. Can't really pass that up. I do have LotR LCG and I WANT to love it but it feels a bit clunky to me. Not to mention it's incredibly hard. Those that think it's not aren't playing it right 😜 I don't mind the difficulty so much as it's literally an incomplete game. You HAVE to buy the expansions. In fact, I think they design the game with the idea that you have all other cards available to you. In that sense you can put together the "perfect" band of adventurers to beat the odds. Right out of the box however…you're toast.
    This game seems to do it better in Spades. A little lighter, a little more adventuresome. Have a feeling LotT: LCG is gonna collect dust in the shelf after I get this one.

  20. I think this was one of your best reviews. Your final thoughts also made it very helpfully clear that this would be a very good choice for us. Thank you Mr R.

  21. Too simplistic and boring for Rahdo. Nowadays it can be bought second hand for less than $16, ordered it.
    Would be a nice solo plus lots of amateur quests.

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