Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Winds of Magic | Cinematic Trailer

I take this, weakling! Kill you for the gods! The gods send a gift!

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  1. Such a depressing trailer, but at very least it ends on a hopeful note, because that creep is about to get ragdoll'd by a zweihander.

  2. lol "welcome home… i totally swear the winds of power corrupted the baby in the womb and i wasn't sucking off goat cock while you were out defending the empire…"

    typical women

  3. FFS just give us dedicated servers instead of all these map packs. Even games in the 90s had them. Just shows how cheaply everything is made nowadays, there is a reason this game is dying.

  4. Duuuude!! This game is so freaking good! The combat is so satisfying! Wish I've found it before! 😃

  5. Good effort but this style won't hit mass audiences as it comes away like a storyboard, you need animators to make this enticing see: Diablo series

  6. once they release this DLC hopefully then can fix the broken base game with usless skills like; Handmaidens, "unbreakable block when reviving" or zealots "unbreakable heavy attacks" which havent worked since the beta

  7. Grombrindal. What if he got added in. Ya know, The White Dwarf hears rumors about some dwarfs and 4 other dudes fighting wave after wave of Skaven and chaos. He comes in Übersreik and kills some shit

  8. Funnily enough that baby being left in the woods was the most ideal outcome for him. Being abandoned as a baby was ideal as when beastmen find horned babies they raise them as their own and they grow up to become very well respected within beastmen culture due to being seen as a gift from the Gods. If he survived to adulthood and found the beastmen later on during his life they would just enslave him and he'd be the lowest of the low within the social hierarchy. Being a VIP amongst other goat people and eating the parents that abandoned you is a better deal than being dead or a slave I suppose.

  9. I love this trailer. It reminds me of the Warbringers/Harbringers/Lords of War/Burdens of Shaohao series from World of Warcraft. I wonder if in the future we might get something similar for Warhammer? A series of painted minisodes that give us more insight into the Warhammer Fantasy world? It always feels like we don't get to witness a lot of the lore this universe has to offer, and there's a helluvalot of lore for Warhammer.

  10. Would be nice to turn the tables and give us ability to play mission as bad guys vs hordes of imerials, elves etc. Wish to play as chosen, berserker or bestigor someday.

  11. this trailer is full of shit!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2B6de1Geks <- Here's what a trailer should look like!

  12. Remember folks: if your baby comes out sprouting horns and cloven hooves, drop it down a well. By Sigmars will, such is the fate of all mutants.

  13. Oh Kerrillian is going to be livid to see the Beastmen again. After all their race is a blight upon her people and Kruber won't be glad either but knows them enough due to battles to make plans.

  14. Perhaps in another world, a happier world, the beast would recognise his mother and father, and bridge the gap between their races. But the Old World is no place for such fanciful notions.

    For Beastmen are products of Chaos energy, formed from the fickle and uncaring Winds of Magic working upon the vulnerable bodies of men. They know not of love, nor compassion, and only know loyalty through fear and strength. They are a blight upon the world, the savage animal that lurks within us all set loose. Guard your hearts, faithful of Sigmar, for the weaknesses of Man are their greatest strengths, and they NEVER miss an opportunity…

  15. I have a request: can ye add survivors or guardsmen that are actually alive? Like, only a little group of em with low health that can aid ye in some scenarios. It gets rather lonley when its 5 heroes that kills armies with ease, with no help at all. – Greetings from yer friendly neighbor Norway

  16. I think the worst part is that dont beastmen babies come from fucking beastmen? Oh dear lady, naughty, naughty, naughty

  17. if they made Warhammer movies in the future with art like this I would buy all of them. movies about Queek, Wulfric, etc etc each 2-3 hours long.

  18. This is "your" son. I think white/asian guys hear the same thing when their white/asian wife is showing them a black baby.

  19. how epic is it that u see the beastmen feast and then the heroes arrive and bardin is singing <3

    this trailer already has more views then beastmen trailer of total war 😀

  20. Damn Skaven malfunctioning rocket!
    Made everybody think Sigmar’s Twin Tailed comet came back early…and crashed into a city!

  21. This was full of lore and made so much damn sense, its perfect, and then Bardin singing, and the beastmen being born to a noble house. Everything spot on

  22. 0:58 That tiny little Gor is the cutest piece of half-human garbage I have ever seen in my entire life. No wonder they don't kill them after birth, fresh born Gors are fucking ADORABLE!!! With their weird little goat-eyes and their tiny hairy claw-hands, aaaaawwwwwwww…

  23. Looking into some of the comments here and I notice a lot of racist kids in some of these threads.

    I’ve been getting into warhammer but I’m gonna keep it to myself cause I don’t wanna associate myself with these fucking lunatics

  24. Я думаю , сутки бега , достойны , чтоб личность гражданином назвать .

  25. Don't be fool… This is Warhammer World!…. If U let the Chaos be alive… U die… They have no Mercy for Mortals… They never have mercy… U must kill them When U can!

    The Northmen , Beastmen , Skaven and even Chaos Baby like this Gor… If U wouldn't kill them… in return… They will kill u at least!

  26. One can't help but wonder if he would have been different if his parents had raised him instead of leaving him among other beastmen, who worship the Chaos Gods that malformed them into such things within the womb. Perhaps they could have moved to an abandoned island in the south seas, surviving off coconuts and boar meat, in isolation.

  27. One has to wonder if he would've turned out to be an outstanding member of society if he wasn't raised by chaotic goatmen.

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