We Try The Crazy Toaster Game

Hey guys, it’s a Ro today, I’m hanging out with Donal. He is a fellow foodie. That’s why I invited you here today
Appropriately, so I found this game. I thought it would be so much fun. It’s food-related
It’s called crazy toaster, and we basically have to build a breakfast thing shoot out of the toaster
I thought it would be really high always get worried when you wrench in things like crazy
Toasters because it’s just this is gonna end in an absolute mess look at these kids playing this game
If kids can play it we can make a definite players. They’re all looking at different like this kid oh, no
He is kind of looking at things. It looks like they’ve graphically put the toasted
cheese thing
Okay, so like just plunk it always on the table just shake it out. Oh
Crazy toaster, Oh crazy water oh no
Care about your carpet. Did you know Oh God that is a crazy toaster?
I feel like the guy from Harry Potter the mad-eye guy hang on. Are you distracted me with these placemats?
To make him crazier than he already is
See near the advert. I watched on YouTube
Implies that he does this and I got a bit excited when I thought that he kind of went like this I know
These are the feasts
Be I knew there would be see oh. Oh that was him. That was a big moment for both. Oh, that’s right
What would you like for dinner my waitress okay?
Well you are very welcome now, sir, I was wondering for breakfast are you in the mood for an egg on the toast?
Host chocolate on the toast it seems like toasts are big in this town
You like toast we retire the accident. I know should we retire the exit?
I don’t think mine is very good anyway
Flips between so many different characters that I can’t keep control of us the first player is the person who wakes up the earliest in
The morning what what time did you wake up? What time did you wake up this morning?
I was woken up by my dog Max who barked at a
Ridiculous time in the morning, so are you ready 3?
5 a.m.
7 a.m.. Come on the early bird catches the worm
We’re serving an early bird special
Here today mix all of the 40 toast cards and place them in the slots we put all of them in
But do you need to put them in any oil stinky fish all players will hold up their pans to catch the flying toast
It is recommended that younger players play sitting down check time
We’re certain
It’s the game ends when the toaster is empty and the player with the most
Matching pieces wins so I think it’s not only do we have to catch it
But we have to like work to match it at the same time. This is where it gets interesting
stinky fish rules
Take your fish rules no they’re bad if you catch the stinky fish in your pan
You lose one of your slices of toast from your place shoot, okay?
If you have no toast on your place select one from the outlined square
Place the selected toast on the table toast side up. Are you following this no me neither an angle?
There’s another stinky fish rule ok one more if a stinky fish lands side up on the table all players race
To exchange the toast from their outline square with any slices that are toast side up on the table or floor
Did you get that no no me neither? I’m gonna employ House Rules ok that
You know this my house is my restaurant you are laying down your room
Okay hang on okay limited warranty
Here we go all the way down here
To crazy
Okay, okay
Okay between us
I don’t have a kite this fine. Nothing okay, so no so I can just
How much is one match
My god. I totally stole that from you. I don’t know what came over me I get very competitive
Did you see I didn’t you need an instant replay for that?
I’m a horrible person. I never knew crazy toast. It would show me to being such a horrible person, okay
It was a stinky fish hang on now, this stinky fish is landed, so what do we do now?
Oh, there’s race to exchange the toast from the rail lines quick exchange
So the stinky fish line is yeah that means that we accept in
exchange one of our pieces of toast from here yes discard pile
Just like you have but I don’t have cuz I didn’t catch any okay, and then you can swap it for anything
That’s facedown this week a mystery toast
And it could help you or it could just end up in your discard pile again right okay?
So try this was for four years and uh price right so okay? I’m gonna swap the strawberry jam for this bacon
Bacon see yes. Yes, yes, yeah
We’re really bad at catching them tons at the ready, okay?
I got you got the chocolate. That’s the one you’ve been waiting already yeah
Are you ready ready on a street name on the row I’m you’re on the ready, I’m ready
Here we go here we go I’m getting into it now yeah
Oh, they’re still toast in there okay here we go. Yes, Oh
Crazy toaster speak to us o crazy toaster
He’s dying
Here we go he goes
Straight back. It’s right back in here. We go here. We go Oh
Row it’s yours. Oh, it’s not just on the ground. Okay, Joe escaped us
Crazy toaster speak to us oh
Here we go here we go care to toast
This is really hard okay, here we go
We’re so bad at this
Do we should we just put them in
Okay, oh you lost the eye oh I
Got cheese
Cheese on toast. Yes. Oh yes, okay, right we got. Thank you got cheese on right now
Take a look at our breakfast plates. It is a tie game. I have got two pieces on the plate
I got cheese on toast and chocolate on toast. Hey Donald. What do you got over there over here?
I have some turkey bacon, and I also got some cheese on toast all right. It’ll be a rare catch. I’m gonna find it oh
That was so it wants to be on my plate, but it’s not let’s put him over here
So you know if you get the stinky fish clean fish come switch it. I’m ready. Okay, okay, okay?
What was it it was bacon we don’t need it anyway fake it dumb toast
Did you just get my Oh No
I am an arabic person. I can’t believe it the one you need I
See I’m holding back there because I feel like I’m trying to like be too competitive
I’m competitive. Hi. This is breakfast
The game hi, I’m in a sweat right now, this is getting serious
Crazy toast no prisoners. This is the game of Champions
Crazy – oh right I think it’s empty again
Yes, oh yes, oh
Yes, crazy toaster was a really fun close game so a big THANK YOU to Donnell for playing this game with me
You’ve seen a whole other side of man crazy toast crazy totally
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  1. 5:57 This in Black and White with sad music would be a great commercial for people without toasts xD
    "Smiles… Joy… Feelings other than hunger… Her life could be so much easier but, sadly, Donald stole her Toast…
    Poor, toastless girl, doomed to starve until the toaster of life shoots out another load of toast… which Donald will steal once more

  2. I’m your biggest fan your funny and my brother is in love with you to and he likes ijustine
    And I like her to can you make me a unicorn cake because my birthday is unicorn themed

  3. Donal : lets just put this over here so if a stincky fish comes you can grab it (to Rø)
    Me: but there was a stincky fish (it popped up on the same one)

  4. I love you so much rose keep up the good work this is so funny oh and if you can please can you shout out

  5. There was a stinky fish when the egg was there and they both like saw it kinda it was in front of it the whole time!

  6. Do you know what would've been smart?! Putting your pans over the toaster and making a rule that if it touched a part the pan it would still count….just sayin.

  7. Ro ur so amazing….I spread so much love and positivity and I’ve never honestly seen u upset…
    I’m honestly jealous..😅😅😆

  8. Who else noticed that whenever Donal caught Ro's egg that in front of the toaster is a stinky fish toast toast side UP?

  9. Did anyone notice when Ro had the egg pop out of the toaster a stinky fish also came out right in front of the toaster

  10. 9:45
    I realized a stinky fish on the ground. Ro had one he needed and he had one Ro needed in each of their discard piles lol

  11. At 10:35 did you notates that the stinky fish was under the toaster and Donald or Ro did not notates it so Ro cud have won right now. And Donald even literally looked at it. 🤣🤣😂😂😅😆👏👏

    Me:notates the fish already 🤨🤨

    Ro on the other hand is having a conversation wile she could be winning

  12. Happy S.t Patrick’s day 🤢🧤🐸🐢🐍🦎🦖🐊🌵🎄🌿🐲🐉🌳🌲🌴🌱🥬🥒🥦🍈🥎🎾🔋🔫🧪🦠🧼📗💚✅❎🈯️💹❇️✳️♻️

  13. Its funny that they said if the fish comes ro wins but the fish landed right in front of the toaster durinng that turn

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