Webinar Funnel: Should You Do Replays? – Building an Online Business Ep. 17

Of course I’m gonna offer a Webinar replay.
Its no big deal right.
What’s up guys, Jason here and welcome to
episode 17 of Building an Online Business
from Scratch.
Where I’m walking you through A to Z everything
I’m doing to put together a webinar sales funnel
to sell coaching and consulting on the back
In today’s episode we going to talk about
the pros and cons of doing a webinar replay
and at the end I’ll give you my verdict whether
or not I think you should be using a webinar
replay in your own business.
So let’s just start with what the heck is
a webinar replay?
Simply its offering the webinar anytime after
the scheduled webinar time.
So that’s going to be our definition moving
forwards, so whenever somebody signs up for
the webinar, whether they do or don’t show
up if you allow them to see it again outside
of a scheduled time, meaning on their own
time, like a VSL, video sales letter then
that would be considered a replay.
If you tell them hey you missed it you can
go sign up for another webinar, that’s not
really replay, that’s just another webinar.
So now we got that out of the way let’s look
at the pros.
What are the pros of allowing people to see
the webinars pretty much on demand?
Because that’s what a replay is.
And it can be timed maybe its only on for
a few days or if its on demand infinitely.
So what are the pros here?
Well according to the research I’ve done,
experts in their businesses say upwards to
fifty percent of their sales comes from these
And that’s a pretty powerful statement.
Now I’ve yet to launch the webinar I’m working
on so I can’t tell you from personal experience
and I will get to tell why I actually never
will be able to tell you from personal experience
in a little bit here, but they say that a
lot of their sales comes from webinars, the
webinars replays so the pro in this is you
get to pick up sales from people who you know,
didn’t show up, didn’t finish or kinda ah
I really don’t know and then you can kinda
catch him later.
And maybe they wanted to go back and see a
particular part in the webinar to convince
them that you are worth them time and resources,
you know resources being money obviously,
causing you asking them to purchase something
from you and people who didn’t finish the
webinar can actually go through and see the
pitch and that’s kind of the biggest thing
is you have another opportunity to pitch them
again, so your webinar replay page can have
just the webinar replay or more commonly will
have the webinar and then it will have a full
on sales letter below it because the people
who didn’t purchase on your webinar they not
as eager to whip out that credit card and
hand you that number so, we’ve got to do a
little more work and education before they
can make the informed decision to say yes
this guy is really worth my time or yes this
guy really is worth my time.
So I should purchase from him or her.
So that’s essentially the big pro, is common
industry belief that fifty percent of your
sales will come from this and its a way to
follow up, of course following up is important
and so its one way to follow up.
Now I’m gonna get into the cons and the cons
are gonna be a little longer and just disclaimer
you can tell I’m a little biased because I
have more cons than pros right.
But anyway this is just my humble opinion.
The problem with offering replay is less incentive
to show up to the actual webinar itself.
And this is regardless of whether or not if
you are going to tell people that there’s
going to be a replay, because when you not
going to do a replay one of the great things
I think in delivering webinars is the ability
on your email follow up pre webinar is to
say there’s not gonna be a replay so you better
show up.
There’s not gonna be a replay so you better
show up.
There’s not gonna be a replay so you better
show up.
That’s a real powerful scarcity building tool
because its telling them you only going to
get this webinar in this one period of time,
I am not going to say yeah you can show up
at seven o clock tonight or you can wait till
the webinar is over and then I’m gonna send
you a link to the replay and you can watch
it on your leisure.
There’s not much incentive to really block
out that period of time and say okay I’m gonna
show up and that’s the prospect talking right.
Because if they know there’s gonna be a replay
well then even if they do show up, they might
be watching and go oh well you know CSI is
on or something more interesting is on the
TV so I’m just gonna pause this and there’s
gonna be a replay so I’ll go watch it right
You never gonna come back and watch it right,
they gonna find so many other things that
are infinitely more entertaining than watching
a webinar on whatever your topic is unless
you’ve animated the webinar or you’ve done
a full on production and documentary style.
Even then I think its hard to compete with,
you know if they have the option of watching
one of the latest Marvel movies on HBO and
watching your webinar.
The Marvel movie is probably going to win.
I mean, I don’t know your audience but I’m
just guessing whatever blockbuster is on TV
is probably gonna beat the webinar and if
they know they can go to the replay, they
gonna opt for the entertainment.
So that’s a lengthy, seems a bit of (inaudible
05:37-05:39) but that’s how need to think
when were offering that replay because we
giving them permission to say hey I can watch
it later and really what we want to say is
no you gotta watch it right now.
And that’s a huge con when it comes to when
offering a replay, you don’t have that power
to say no, you have to watch it today, now.
Now the second con is when you offer replays
and this depends on whether or not you’re
doing automated, live or hybrid webinars.
I did a previous episode on that I think it
was episode fifteen you can go back and watch
that later.
But it gives the sense of automation and it
even, it can diminish the value, perceived
value of the webinar you’re giving right now
because they will think, well if they offering
a replay then this whole thing might be recorded
and might not be real, now if you’re doing
automated webinars well that will be true,
but if you’re doing a live webinar you run
the risk of having the perception that they
might not believe you, that its actually live
if your just gonna offer a replay of it.
So either way I think even if you going to
offer a replay you shouldn’t say, you shouldn’t
tell people that there’s gonna be a replay
until they do or don’t show up until the actual
webinar time.
And the final con is the precedent that it
Because when you offer a replay the next time
you do a replay they going to assume you’re,
and they being you’re prospects, you’re list,
you’re audience you know, whoever these people
are coming from, whoever inter acted with
you in the past which is warm audience, best
audience is going to remember, yeah well last
time Jason offered a replay of it even though
he didn’t really say that he was going to
so I’m not going to show up to the webinar
or worse you know Jason said there wasn’t
gonna be a webinar replay last time, but I
got stuck in traffic and I missed the webinar
and then I got a link to a webinar replay
So he’s probably gonna pull the same thing
anyway so I actually don’t ever need to show
up to a webinar.
So there’s two ways that can go.
So now obviously if you say there’s no replays,
so you best not do a replay, like please don’t
do it.
If you wanna do a repay just don’t include
that there’s not gonna be a replay in your
pre webinar emails and incubation process
to get people to show up.
So as you can probably tell my verdict is
that we shouldn’t do replays.
And I think there’s two different solutions
here and I’ll go through each them depending
on the time and energy you have and the bandwidth
that you have because sure I could, I’ve come
up with a couple of, actually its not two,
its three, there’s three different things
you can do here.
And it just depends on the bandwidth and the
software you’re working with and how much
time you have alright, cause we got to remember
we don’t have an unlimited amount of time
We need to be cognisant of the time we’re
spending putting together these systems because
we need to get them out there as fast as humanly
possible so we can begin testing and actually
learning from our customers so we caan actually
start getting some income and growing our
business as opposed to doing all these things
before the webinar launches trying to make
it all perfect in the launch and then we find
out we have to change half of the things we
So anyway, number one, what we can do is we
can only offer replays to people who showed
up to the webinar, so if someone shows up
and they don’t finish for whatever reason
or they don’t buy for whatever reason, we
can offer them a webinar replay saying, A,
I notice you were on the webinar and you chose
not to you know do x,y,z so I thought it would
be really helpful if I made the replay of
the webinar for the next few days so you can
go through it and make sure you fill in all
your notes or whatever it may be.
I’ve seen some people who do, hey there was
some technical difficulties, some people got
cut off during the webinar so I just sent
it to everyone.
That might work for another like six or seven
months and then people are gonna catch on
that’s an automated email that you’re just
doing anyway.
So I would say don’t go the route of pretending
like there was some technical difficulty on
the webinar and that’s why you’re offering
a replay.
I think providing a real legitimate reason
for the replay knowing that you’re viewers
know that this emails going out automatically,
they know that you’re not sitting there at
twelve thirty at night typing out and email
feverishly, saying oh my gosh half people,
we lost on the webinar so I made this really
nice looking web page for you.
And they gonna know too, right, because you
could con some of those, you go to the web
page and you’re like okay I know you didn’t
write this super long sales letter that underneath
this webinar replay for you know in the last
six hours.
So just be, and now if there was a technical
difficulty then that’s okay, you can be honest
and legit and people are going to thank you
for being authentic.
But if its an automated thing, don’t pretend
like it was a last minute thing that you threw
the webinar together for.
So that’s number one, replays only for people
who showed up and gave a legitimate reason
for why you providing it to them and then
if you can and this is just, and this is again
how much budget do you have for these nice
pieces of software if you can figure out how
to limit the links or have expiring links
in your emails so that they can’t go back
and watch the webinar two or three months
later, have like a three or four day period,
max that they can go back and watch it.
So that’s number one.
Number two is you can take something away
from the replay and this is what, this is
something that is really nice if you’re just
getting started and you don’t really have
time for what I’m about to talk about which
is the ideal, and that is you can on the webinar
say, this particular bonus or this particular
part of the product is only available to or
this particular price point is only available
to people who sign up right now.
And then make that price point, that bonus
or that piece of the product only available
to people who buy on that webinar.
And then when you give the replay to the people
who showed up to your webinar, again only
people who show up to the webinar, if they
didn’t show up to the webinar just re direct
them to the landing page saying I have another
showing, you can go to that one, don’t give
a replay if they didn’t actually bother to
show up.
So those people who showed up to the webinar
will then, they didn’t buy and you said on
the webinar this is only available right now
for the next hour or two hours or until this
webinar is over and then after that this special
deal, offer or price is going away and then
when prospects go to, your list goes to that
webinar replay page, obviously this email
sequence will only be to people that didn’t
purchase on your webinar.
They go, they re watch the webinar with something
like Camtasia or Screen flow or I think even
Windows Movie maker could probably do this
for you, its some basic software, you cut
out the part, the part of your webinar where
you say only live attendees are going to get
x,y,z or this special price is for live attendees.
For example if have a hundred dollar product
and your gonna sell it for forty seven dollars
on the live webinar, well your replay version
should have that price point at a hundred
bucks, because you’re rewarding people for
showing up.
So that’s pretty key or what I’m doing in
my instance is with and I’m gonna be split
testing several different things so I’ve got
multiple versions of my webinar.
One of the things I’m doing is on the live
webinar I’m offering the coaching aspect to
it, the live mastermind Q and A. That part
is gonna be cut out of the replay that I’m
gonna be split testing against a different
of post webinar funnel process that I’m about
to get to in a second.
And that’s because whatever I do I want people
to show up to the webinar because I’m showing
up to the webinar doing hybrid webinars, so
if I’m showing up I want you to show up.
And that’s just, you can, its a great way
to offer webinars but reward people for actually
showing up.
And yeah you might get a couple of emails
of people saying hey this was you know, I
was webinar and you offered this and now I’m
on the replay page and its not here, you can
legitimately say well I did say its only for
people on the live webinar, so you’re holding
true to your word and finally I want to get
into the lasr one, my personal favourite and
this is just straight up having a post webinar
launch, almost like a launch funnel and one
particular person in yy space he has, not
in my space the platform, my industry or niche.
He has three forty twenty to forty minutes,
I think one is twenty, two twenties and one
So he’s got two twenty minute videos and one
forty minute video, Geoff Walker Product Launch
style post webinar that is just handling objections
and educating and it goes out to, because
I opted in with different emails to figure
out what these people do with depending on
whether you show or don’t show up, which is
something you hopefully want to do when you’re
testing other peoples webinar sales funnels.
To the people who show up to his webinar he
sends them a series of these three different
value videos and its essentially, it takes
out the repoire part, its like a bunch of
mini web posts, mini webinars where he’s teaching,
where he’s handling all of the objections
that people might have from buying and below
that he has a very well written, well crafted
sales page and I mean it takes the same content,
the same benefits from the webinar but it
just puts it in text form and he has a great
video up top that’s just giving more value
to the viewer and explaining away the objections
the viewers might have had from not purchasing
on the webinar and of course there are several
by links on that page and you can go and purchase
the products.
So to summarise what we talked about in this
There’s pros and cons to offering a replay
and really it comes down to brand perception.
Do you want people to expect webinar replays
from you?
That is the question you want to answer.
If the answer is yes or I don’t care, go ahead
and offer all the replays you want.
If however you want to think a little long
term in and think about how are people going
to react with your webinars in the future
then you probably don’t want to do a replay,
definitely not a replay to people who actually
didn’t show up to the webinar, of course people
who showed up to the webinar you can offer
a replay that takes away something special
that was offered on the webinar or your can
go the savvy route and completely do away
with the replay and just have three or four
value driven videos on top of a full on sales
letter that goes out to people who went onto
your webinar and didn’t buy.
So thank you for watching,I hope you found
this informative and actionable.
If you got some value out of this video, go
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Again I’m going from A to Z building a online
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gals to see, holding nothing back, showing
the successes and the failures.
So I’m really excited to have you along with
me on this journey, go ahead and drop a comment
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If you have any questions about webinars and
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for your particular situation, I would love
to hear what you’re thinking and help you
out in your webinar sales funnel as well.
So until next week, keep building the business
you love and I’ll see you in the next episode.
Take care.

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