What Happens at an F1 Factory During a Race Weekend?

Good afternoon Lewis, congratulations. Hey guys, thanks so much Welcome to the RSR, the Race Support Room So, the RSR fundamentally
is in a support role role. What they are doing
is allowing the team to have people who are in an environment
that’s quiet, out of the way, that allows them to focus on what’s
happening in particular with our competitors and
also with our car, but outside of the constraints of the race weekends,
outside of the limits of flying people all the way around the world
and outside of the noisy sort of environment filled with carbon
dust and so on that we have to experience at the track. It’s a great environment.
We try and make it as much as possible like being at the track. So, even though Japan is quite far away from here, we can actually talk to the track, we
have cameras pointing at the track, they can see us over in the corner.
We can see them, we can talk to them, We have the intercom, which is a live
connection which is basically like a Skype call where we can talk to them all the time
to them live and if they ever have any questions for us, or if we have questions
for them, we can be in touch. So, in the RSR we have a replica of
pretty much all the departments that are represented at the track. So, we have
Race Engineering, who support the race engineers at the track. We have
tyre experts, we have VDG experts, we have aerodynamics are represented,
controls, systems, we have strategy engineers and we have a bunch of IP
industrial placement students helping us out as well. So, we have students working for us here as well, Chris in this case works
in aero. He prepares a lot of the data for the aero, he does a lot of post-processing
for us, but other students will be looking at radio transcripts, will be
looking at video feeds, will be analysing data for us and helping out just like any
normal employee. They are very, very valuable contributors to our race weekends. So, for me it started on my placement year. So, I was on placement in 2016 till 2017
and obviously the RSR for me was a massive opportunity to learn from
all the very experienced people here and eventually led to me
getting a graduate role here at Mercedes. So, the Comms deck is essential to the
communications with the track. We need to make sure they can hear us and we
need to make sure we can hear them. So, to do that, before every meeting,
we have a little routine where Evan will be reciting a poem that he recites to his
children normally, to us to make sure we can hear him fine on the intercom.
Mooses come walking up over the hill, mooses come walking, they rarely stand still.
When mooses come walking they walk where they will. And mooses come
walking up over the hill. Mooses look into your window at night. They look to the left,
and they look to the right. The mooses like looking, they think it’s a zoo.
And that’s why the mooses like looking at you Five minutes, five minutes to formation lap, confirm when wheels are on and torqued please. One minute, one minute. James, Dom on tactics. Go ahead, Dom. Vettel has hot brakes at the moment. So, he needs to manage them. If you have got anybody in there Dom looking at cooling, perhaps they can
have a look and try and work out why Valtteri seems about five degrees hotter than Lewis Our meeting Dom, just check Kimi and Vettel are lifting through this Get in there Lewis. You are the man. You. Are. The. Man. Well done RSR, well done. Really, really good race.
Fantastic to win it. I can hear how happy you guys are.
Thank you so much for all the hard work guys, and for continuing to believe in me.
I really appreciate it.

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  1. Me 10 mins ago: why are there only 10 F1 teams now days?
    Me now: oh…oh my…well than we are pretty lucky to have 10 teams with that money.

  2. The quantity of butthurt haters on the comments, haha. Just because Mercedes was smart and gave way to Hamilton to extend his championship lead and add pressure to Vettel and Ferrari.

    But haters gonna hate, every excuse is good for the haters to undervalue their rivals. But when Kimi is given a dumb strategy like getting really early in the pits just to force Mercedes to respond, or leaving him burning rubber and loosing 2 seconds per lap or letting Vettel pass in the German GP, yeah, no problemo there.

    But Mercedes ordering Bottas to let Hamilton pass, when Bottas has no chance of winning the title, omg, what a drama.

    Bitch please…

  3. What I dont understand is; with so many people at the track and back at the factory getting real time data of the Merc cars as well as watching the sector times and track position of the opposition does something like leaving Hamilton out on track for another 2 laps more than Bottas, and another lap more than Vettel happen at Sochi?

    Literally everyone watching and even the commentary teams knew that was a mistake and as expected, Vettel undercut Hamilton.

    Same story in Austria when everyone pitted under the safety car except Hamilton, who was then asked to turn a 13 sec lead into a pit stop gap which was never going to happen on old Ultra Softs.

    I mean they were such obvious decisions…..

  4. At the beginning, with the text. I expected it to do a Top Gear style ‘say a location is secretive then give away the location’ like “Welcome to the secret racing room in Brackley, just off of the A43” or something like that

  5. If u can afford to give Lewis a 100 million every 3 years I can give me a Mercedes for free for being loyal fan to u and spending my hard earned money on your merchandise

  6. Hope to be there in the future, if not in your team any other racing team. I mean general public doesn't know how much and what it takes to win in Motorsport especially in F1. You should consider a sister team like the other big 2.

  7. I love these videos, they really show us how Mercedes Benz is really a team from the track back to the factory to the Race Support Team. Excellent work guys.

  8. Ok very nice but ferrari is ferrari, i'm sorry for you. Someone didn't want that ferrari win the this year because it was stronger than Mercedes this year, neither the constructor title, just watch after monza. Always forza ferrari, viva l'italia!!!

  9. Goddamn!!!! We never would have thought about this. In the past 15-20 years ago it was just driver and grid team. The driver would just come sit and the car and drive now F1 has opened up so many new opportunities ,Jobs for people. It seems great.

  10. This is one oiled machine. Many firms can go learn how sufficient they operate. I guess its a dream job if you are in a top team. Pity that luck never struck me

  11. So,is It you ir the guys on circuit that messes up????
    You are going to win cause you have the better car (again) and the best man . But the amount of basics errors I saw in strategy from you and Ferrari this year was unbelivaeble. This season was like: "Win you", "no, Win you".
    To talk Just the last Race. What was that release of Hamilton behind Vettel???? Call the Guy one lap before!!!!!
    Ferrari is known to make too many strategic miatakes through all their history. Im astonished about Mercedes.

  12. If you want to thank unsung hero thank Valteri first !!! We as fans want both drivers to be treated equally and “valteri it’s James” is something I don’t want to here. F1 is racing !!

  13. I hope to work with you guys one day! Gonna graduate from high school next year and hope to study at Uni of Southampton for Aerospace Eng.(Aerodynamic) course 😍

  14. It’s stuff like this that makes you realize why privateer teams are a slowly dying breed in Formula 1. Red Bull can do it because they have the backing of one of the largest beverage companies on the planet, but teams like Haas, Force India, even Williams have a lot on their hands. Also why there will probably never be another privateer team after Haas. The sad thing is that the sport can’t manage to get any more factory teams either. I would love to see Porsche, BMW, even Ford and GM try and make a go, but that’s a TON of money for a manufacturer to risk trying to compete with well established teams.

  15. So this is what Mercedes has got for strategy and further stuff. Considering how it went for Ferrari recently, it probably is ONE guy who's always late to the race, waiting for some red wine and pizza… calculating the numbers on a solar-calculator… in a dark room

  16. I wonder what these rooms looked like prior to the internet. Did they just use long distance phone calls and faxes, or did they fly these folk around the world as part of the circus?

  17. It is a shame all these brains and energy cannot be focused on something better for mankind. The carbon footprint of F1 is terrible and the motor industry should put these people to work on making the petrol engine history quicker

  18. And this is the difference between Lewis and Grosjean for example. Lewis has to be consistent regardless to bring back every possible point back to the team to reward their hard work.

  19. What exactly is the backbone of all the communications? What is the uplink and downlink speed on data transfers from across the world?

  20. I never realised that they were talking from thousands of miles away directly to the track and even the driver! The other teams don’t stand a chance when Mercedes is backing their drivers up with a literal mission control filled with experts to solve any problems.

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