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Welcome to the GCN Racing News Show. Coming up this week, we look back on a dramatic
final week of the Tour De France and ask the question: who, exactly, is Egan Bernal? The final day in Paris saw the Tour De France
crown its first ever South American winner in Egan Bernal, and at 22 years of age, the
Colombian’s rise to the pinnacle of the sport has been nothing short of meteoric. So we thought we’d rewind and find out a
little more about how he got to this point. Bernal was born on the thirteenth of January
1997 in Zipaquira Colombia, which is North East of Bogota and importantly for a cyclist
sits at an altitude of 2652m above sea level. CyclingTips featured a great interview with
him in 2016 where he gave some insight into how he found the sport, he told Daniel Ostanek
that his Dad had been a keen cyclist, but not a pro. At age 8 he would ride with his Dad at the
weekends. There was a race in his town and with Bernal
senior not wanting him to ride, someone else gave him a helmet. He went on to win multiple races and his talent
was visible from a young age. His journey into pro-cycling though came via
mountain biking and the talent spotter that is Gianni Savio. Egan represented Colombia at the world junior
mountain bike championships in 2014 and 15, taking a silver and bronze medals in that
order. He had success as a junior in his home country,
but after winning the Sognando Delle Fiandre – The dream of the Tour of Flanders race,
he was introduced by his agent to Gianni Savio who looking for a climber, signed the then
19 year old, on a four year contract. So he skipped the U23 ranks entirely really. I first saw him at the Giro de Trentino in
2016 where I was commentating, he climbed with the best and ultimately took the white
jersey as best young rider. A successful season followed winning the Tour
of Bihor and finishing 4th at the Tour de L’Avenir. I next saw him at the Tour de Langkawi in
Malaysia in 2017 where I got to interview him on multiple days, unfortunately there
was no Genting Highlands stage that year which we have loved to see him in action on, and
despite his best efforts he couldn’t quite shake everyone on the less steep Cameron Highlands. Success after success followed and two stage
wins and the general classification at the Tour de L’Avenir saw him transfer to team
SKY for 2018. He impressed in his first Tour de France working
to help deliver Geraint Thomas to victory. But 2019 is all about this humble 22 year
old climbing sensation, who will become the youngest winner of the Tour de France for
110 years. When you look at Bernal’s stats, they’re
frightening, particularly for his competitors. He has won 3 of the 4 WorldTour stage races
he’s done this year. He has finished in the top 6 in 12 of the
last 13 stages races that he’s finished, the only blemish being last year’s Tour
de France, where he was working for both Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome. Bernal’s victory at the Tour de France was
in part down to three separate crashes. The most serious, that of Chris Froome at
the Criterium du Dauphiné, without which it would surely have been him that entered
the race as team leader. The crash of Geraint Thomas in the early stages
of the Tour de Suisse, which may have left the Welshman a percentage or two short of
top race form. And finally, the crash of Bernal himself,
back in May, without which he would have lead Team Ineos at the Giro d’Italia, and come
to the Tour a little more fatigued, if at all. In the Tour itself, he handled himself well
in a stressful first week, including making the front group on a pivotal day in the crosswinds
on stage 10. Despite losing ground in the time trial on
stage 13, he made up for it on back to back days in the Pyrenees. His attack with 6km to go to the top of the
Col de l’Iseran on stage 19 was a brave move – but ultimately it was the one that
won him the Tour. With the cancellation of the stage shortly
after, we’ll never know if he’d have held on all the way to the summit finish in Tignes,
but what we do know is that if Bernal had waited until that summit finish, the situation
could have panned out a lot differently for the Colombian. What was great to see, was how much it meant
to him – this video from Eurosport shows how emotional he was when he took the yellow jersey
on stage 19, under the strangest of circumstances. And not only will it mean a huge amount to
him, it’ll also mean a huge amount to the whole of Colombia. Already a HUGELY passionate cycling nation,
their celebrations are going to be off the charts, and Bernal will no doubt inspire a
whole new generation of future world beating climbers. For Team Ineos – that was the 7th Tour de
France win in the last 8 years, a remarkable feat, even when their remarkable budget is
taken into account. For the last three years, they have achieved
the win with a different rider, and it’s the 2nd time in 2 years that they’ve filled
two of the three spots on the podium. That said, this race was one of the most enthralling
editions of recent times. Had we known at the start that it would be
an Ineos 1-2 in Paris, I think we’d all have been forgiven for rolling our eyes in
despair, but in reality, the way they rode, the way that had to ride, was completely different
this year. Not only did they appear to not have the same
strength in depth of the climbs as in previous years, they also were forced to ride an attacking
race. Why, because of a Frenchman named Julian Alaphilippe. How good was he?!! Two stage wins, both of which were taking
in his typical flamboyant style, plus 14 Days in the yellow jersey. Many were expecting him to crack, but the
further he got into the high mountains, the more we, and he, were wondering if he’d
become the first French winner of the event in 34 years. In the end, it wasn’t to be, Alaphilippe
did crack, at the highest point of the race on stage 19. He was, undoubtedly, paying for the many efforts
he’d made in the first week of the race, without which, perhaps, he’d have had that
little bit of extra energy for the final few days. And that will lead to more speculation, from
us, from his team, from himself, as to whether he can become a Grand Tour winner in the future,
if he changes the way he rides. And to that, I would say, we don’t really
want you to Julian! In order to become a Grand Tour winner, he’d
have to ride conservatively, save energy whenever possible, play the long game, and that is
about as far from his current mentality as you could get. Alaphilippe loves to attack, and we love to
watch him attack. He was the entertainer of this year’s Tour
de France, both on and off the bike, just as he has been in pretty much every other
race in which he’s competed this year. Do we really want him to change? I’m not sure I do. We’d like to know what your thoughts are
on this, though – would you like to see Alaphilippe have a proper crack at winning the Tour de
France next year by preparing differently and riding a more conservative race, or would
you like to see him stay exactly like he is. Let us know in the comment section below. The funny thing is, that even if Alaphilippe
changed his preparation next year and focussed everything on winning the Tour de France,
he may not necessarily do any better. It’ll be very interesting to see how he
plans 2020. Another man we don’t want to change is Vincenzo
Nibali, who took the final, truncated mountain stage on the penultimate day of the race. His 41st Grand Tour stage in the space of
78 days, according to Ammatti Pyorailly on twitter:
Brilliant to see Geraint Thomas so gracious in ‘defeat’ to his teammate – and actually,
what a performance by the Welshman given his far from ideal lead in to the race this year. Steven Kruijswik rounded out what has been
an incredible race for Team Jumbo Visma, and becomes the 9th Dutch rider to get on the
Tour de France podium: The big loser in the final week was poor Thibaut
Pinot, who reportedly banged his leg on his bars on stage 17, got through stage 18, but
succumbed to the muscle tear the following day. Watching him stop at the side of the road
in tears, consoled by his teammate William Bonnet, I think left most of us in tears too. Like Alaphilippe, Pinot animated the race
this year, and gave the French, and the rest of us, even more to cheer. To see him have to climb into his team car
like that was devastating – let’s hope he can take all the positives from this year’s
race and come back stronger than ever in 2020. According to the Cycling Road Book on twitter,
on only one other year, 1956?, has the Tour de France podium not won a stage between them. Although that makes the assumption that Jumbo
Visma’s TTT win was not a stage win for Steven Kruijswijk. And even the 4th place finisher, Emmanuel
Bockman didn’t win a stage. He did, though, announce himself as a potential
future Grand Tour winner. As Dan pointed out last week, we haven’t
really spoken about him enough, in fact I don’t think we mentioned him at all in our
preview, which was remiss of us, but we won’t be making that mistake again. Just as it’s great to see the French on
the verge of winning their home Grand Tour again, it’s also great to see Germany with
a new GT contender – much of their success since the Ullrich era has been in sprinting. Speaking of sprinting, we must also mention
Peter Sagan, who sealed the deal on a record breaking 7th Green jersey. The end of the road for a sponsor is never
good and Roompot have announced they’re to stop their involvement in cycling at the
end of the season. In a press release on the team website announcing
the news, they’re not sounding too confident at finding someone to replace the holiday
park company, let’s hope for all the riders and staff that they do. Over at the Adriatica Ionica Race, Remco Evenepoel
continues to impress, winning stage 3 by over 2 minutes, on his own. He will replace current champion Victor Campenaerts
in the Belgian squad for the upcoming European Time Trial championships, Campenaerts citing
fatigue from a busy early part of the season. At 19 will we see this young rider follow
a similar trajectory to our Colombian Tour de France winner. There was a one two three for Deceuninck Quickstep
on stage 1 – which means they now have a total of 51 wins to their name so far in 2019…..(when
we recorded this) Finally I thought we would have a little fixed
gear crit action…. Fixed Gear star Alec Briggs checked in from
the Eastbourne Cycling where rather impressively the fixed gear crit was only point one of
a kilometre an hour slower than the road bike one! 40.6 to 40.5kmh! Bonkers! See who told you that you needed brakes and
to freewheel round corners! Alec took the victory in the men’s race
while Margaux Vigie took the women’s race in emphatic style, lapping the field. Coming up next week, the Clasica San Sebastian,
the start of the Tour of Poland and the Tour de Wallonie… if, like me you totally suffer
from post Tour blues then you can of course binge watch our daily highlights many times
over while eating ice cream and waiting for the Vuelta to come around! Thanks for watching keep subscribing to GCN
Racing we’ve got loads of live racing and highlights to come in August and if you want
a little something a little different check out Hank’s 1903 Tour de France stage epic
with Mark Beaumont by clicking the link on your screen now. Have a great week bye for now.

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  1. I think the best strategy for Alaphilippe to prepare for 2020 is to move to Colombia and train in the Andes with Bernal. Love for both, amazing riders!

  2. Small correction – Bernal was born in Bogotá, but raised in Zipaquirá. Either way, he was born and raised at and above 2640 m in elevation, which is essentially the same height above sea level as the summit of the Col du Galibier.

  3. I believe had bernal not gained that time on stage 19 we would have seen a very exciting stage 20 whether it would have been bernal or thomas riding away for yellow.

  4. For the team Ineos/Sky fans it not that you win that annoys people it’s the way you normally win that’s the issue. Brailsford ‘ order from Kaos and teamwork over individuality ‘ comments made me despair.Julian Alaphilippe was both an individual and Kaotic and it was magnificent.

  5. I don't think next year is going to matter to much to anyone. Think about it…Team Ineos has the last 3 winners – Bernal, Thomas and Froome. And the new person coming to them. They will have 4 super strong climbers and 3 people to support that. They'd have to go crazy chasing the tour to keep them from winning again next year.

  6. It will be interesting to see how Bora hansgrohe are going to line up for next years grand tours. They now have Sagan, Ackermann, and Buchmann to build a team around. Hard to believe they are going to bring them all to the Tour.

  7. hank's video was epic. i am off for a tub of ice cream now, you bastard ! thanks. now i'll get fat again. just teasing of course. great show!

  8. Great job, Marty MacDonald, for doing so many entertaining and informative GCN vids lately. I always look forward to hearing your commentary. GCN has really been on a role this year with so much excellent content and talented presenters! Bravo. (…My wife is starting to tease me for watching so much GCN content on YouTube. Keep up the good work.)

  9. Alaphilippe doesn't need to change. He is "pound for pound" by far the greatest cyclist on the face of the planet. The best we've seen for a long long time and in my book vastly under-credited.

    Sprint – world class.
    Puncheur – probably the best in the world
    Classics – probably the best in the world on any terrain
    Climber – just showed he is world class – if he wants to be
    TT – world class

    A freak and a phenom. A joy to watch on and off the bicycle.

  10. Alaphilippe brought first class entertainment to the tour, winning it could add financial stability to Quick-Step. A change in tactics to maximize talent may be desired.

  11. Re. none of the top 4 winning a stage; it was clear to me Bernal intended to win stage 19, and was pacing himself to put a big lead on everyone by the planned finish. He was lucky his attack was early enough and successful enough to put him in the yellow jersey based on the interim timings, but I don't think anyone could have stayed with him even if the stage had gone to completion.

  12. I was in Colombia a few weeks ago visiting my little Queen. It's a fantastic country. Congratulations to all Colombians! They are among the most polite and friendliest people I've ever met.

  13. It sure would be a lot easier to like him on another team.
    Anti-Ineos biases aside,
    he’s impressive
    regardless of age,
    he’s terrifying
    BECAUSE of his age

  14. what an exciting edition, every rider involved was impressive in their own right, as well as the weather. The extremes in the weather clearly show the effects of climate change and I think this sport should be promoting this. I would love to see the TdF lead the change to electric vehicles surrounding the race, Our sport should be leading the way with reducing carbon emissions, and with the enormity of the motorcade surrounding the race there is a massive place to showcase that. What do you guys think? sorry long one there

  15. I used to see Egan in XC races here in Colombia. He's very persevering like many people in this sport. I do remember that long ago he once posted a message asking for sponsorship/help because he was going to miss a race. The tickets were far too expensive for he and his family to pay so he promised to whoever helped to give his 110%.

  16. Three days in the Alps in the last 4 days is always going to Gift victory to a Top Climber, the deck was stacked against JA, had the last week been rolling stages for the puncheur JA may have held on, You would almost think the course had been designed by CF to play to his strenghts.

  17. Remember a year ago when journalists questioned his inclusion at age 21? Whether that was genuine or just for headlines, he answered the question.

  18. GCN come to colombia and do the longest climb in the world "alto de letras"! Hail Egan Bernal, maybe Alaphillipe deserve it becasue his regularity with the yellow jersey but durin Pirineos and alpes he just cracked and looked burnt out so, Egan took advantage of that and dis his thing, climbing like a true "escarabajo" and there you go!

  19. I picked Bernal to win before the stage but I, like many, fell in love with the Alaphilippe story and rooted for him. His showing in the TT was beyond expectation but perhaps the effort cost him in the mountains. It is likely, however, that Alaphilippe's build will just not make it possible to have a legit shot a GC as his climbing in the larger mountains is suspect. Ineous attacked on St19 and even if it wasn't shortened it seems likely that JA would have lost yellow and it could have been by another minute or three. It will be interesting to learn who gave the order for the attack by Bernal and whether or not the idea was to put Bernal up the road and then have Thomas use him on the final climb — a climb that never happened. If that was in fact the plan then Thomas must have known the shortening of the stage was key to Bernal's victory and that from that point on Thomas would have to work for Bernal. In the end my prediction came true and I'm happy for him and for Columbia.

  20. Like most of Colombian people that succeed at some sport, it’s a kid that did not have to much, and the hold process until that Italian team was difficult, glad he is a champ, and sure he will win some more .

  21. I started to follow TDF since 2012 and this one was the best one and only disappointment was Sagan even though he won his Green Jersey by miles. He just didn't look the usual Sagan.

  22. Ineossky will have youngest and oldest tdf 'winners' in 100yrs is my prediction. Froome at 36 will win with ineos. Maybe dave brailsford will make an 18yr old junior win tdf. Maybe a jiffy bag or two along the way.

  23. I like and admire Bernal but I cant help thinking Alaphilippe can be a GC winner if he takes it easy early on.

  24. Can someone answer this: what were the chances of bernal winning if they did not stop stage 19 short on the mountain top? Julian was ahead by a reasonable margin and he is a killer on the descent as we saw in the stage before…

  25. Was a great Tour and an epic win for Bernal indeed. But anyone who finishes the TDF is a bloody hero to me.

  26. Spot-on analysis of the TdF events and top leaders' performances. Alaphilippe will never win a Grand Tour with his current Team. La Vuelta is meant to be fiercely fought by all frustrated team leaders in need for GC podium and UCI points. And the Worlds on English soil should deliver the greatest one-day race in a long time.

  27. I hope Quick-Step prioritizes Alanphilippe over Viviani. The team as a whole looks shaky at the climbs.

  28. Im glad you said that we can just sit back and wait for the Vuelta to start.. Because that is exactly what i will be doing

  29. Say guys, how about a show about name pronunciation. I saw a video about Alberto Contador that had Spanish commentators, and the way they said his name was like a song. Hmm, maybe on a slow news day in January. Keep up the good coverage. Thanks.

  30. I am surprised that there isn't more of an uproar about the cancelled 1/2 stage that determined the winner…….

  31. Love when I hear a balanced and honest analysis as this. Thank you guys! I hope of more in this vein to come from you. Partisan views don`t pay in the long run, conversely this was spot on!

  32. Ive every degree of admiration for Bernal, he's the best in a LONG TIME…and natural too…! what interests me is Alaphilipe – given how he's tasted magnificance in the worlds biggest race this year i soo wonder if he'll actually go for a big shot at the TDF – AND lets not forget, he's not contracted after this year with DQS soo…will he jump or stay with them or go for GT joy with another team supporting him..?!? back to to Bernal, Froome will want to return and get the iconic 5th TDF (if his body can give that) …what a massive year 2020 will be

  33. Great video but your English is only for native speakers. greets from
    another european country. Really hard to follow and understand. Just constructive critique

  34. The craziest event of the Tour for me was Julien Alaphilippe walking into a night club a few hours after the finish on the Champs Elysees. No one seemed to notice!!

  35. On the shoulders of giants. Really–REALLY–surprised how few mentions have been made of the first wave of great Colombian riders, Luis "Lucho" Hererra (three top-10 TdF, including fifth in 1987; and winner of 1987 Vuelta), Fabio Parra, and the Varta and Cafe de Colombia teams. 

    Lucho was a beast. Marking him was challenge #1 for several DSs in the mid-late '80s; he was always ready to create havoc on the climbs.

  36. He won because of the weather, it's boring. Anyways, Thank you Julian Alaphilipe for an exciting Tour de France. It's often not the strongest or cleverest rider that wins the Tour.

  37. 2nd time in the last 3 years that they (Ineos) have filled the top 2 places on the podium?? I think you will find you have missed the mark on that stat my friend

  38. Uh, with Alaphillipe riding very well, why was he relegated to drop back to team car for water bottles?
    Maybe I'm missing something?

  39. Definitely want to see Aliphilippe win the tour riding the same way he rode this year. Change? Maybe design a support team for Aliphilippe.

  40. I would say that 4, not 3, crashes contributed to Bernals win. The fouth beeing the crash that Pinot had to avoid and thus injured his thigh

  41. Alaphilippe can still kick ass and ride with aggression and panache in the one day classics AND contend as a GC rider in the Grand Tours.

  42. Alaphilippe stay the same as he’s, an exciting and explosive rider

    We need riders like him to make the race exciting

  43. Dude nice video, but forgot to add the Tour of California 2018, where Bernal champed it and Gaviria’ sprints pulverized everybody’s a$$

  44. Bien por Colombia!!!, Lo bueno de escribir en las redes sociales en español es que si algún americano de esos odiosos leen,no te pueden decir "go back to your country" 😁😁😁 Vamos por más títulos Edgan, go for more Edgan, you can do it.

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