Why 8/5 Bonus Poker is a Good Game to Play with Video Poker Expert Linda Boyd

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Lynda Boyd who is the author the video poker edge gives details on why 85 bonus poker is a
good game to play and now here’s linda boyd there’s a
video poker game that you may find your favorite casino that’s very good and often overlooked by
players that game is 8 5 bonus poker first I tell you how to locate that game within the casino that you’ve chosen to
play you need to bring the pay schedule with you or you can
commit it to memory the first thing you want to do yes look at the payout for the full house and flush respectively the payout for
the full house should be 8 timeshare wager and the
payout for the flush should be five times the wager if you’re
betting far-off corning’s which is the maximum
wager I many devices then you want to check to make sure
eight times five for forty for full house and five times
five or 25 with flush again look at full table and that’s something
I recommend each in every video poker game because
sometimes they’re having what I cost pseudo 85 bonus poker creeping into the casino at
and that’s a very bad play you will see the payout for to pare to pare occurs what pacs wat
once in every eight hands so it’s free quick
and if you see the payout is even money or just a return if you bet that’s very bad you want to make sure
that two pair paste to times you wager or Ted for a five-point bet see want to be very
very diligent in checking to pay schedule you want to make sure you’re looking at
the pay schedule to which I have referred
assuming five point that it would be the final
like for tax or better to get a return a5 for two pair 10 for three of a kind 50 for straight 20 for a flush 25 for full house 40 for for other kinds they are
differentiated finds through Kings pay $125 four tunes 3 these or force pay 200 for aces pay 400 straight flush pace 250 and the Royal Flush pace 4th acid for 85 bonus poker the one that I am referring
to the expected return is 99 point 16 60 and the variance is twenty point 9 04 there are three terms that
you should understand you need a better understand good
reasons for choosing this game the first to those terms is called downgrading that’s not a good
term for video poker players but
unfortunately it’s a reality i’d it today’s casinos downgrading she may come to the casino expecting to find 96 Jacks or Better for example only to find it’s 95 Jacks or Better or 86 Jacks or Better or more frequently of late 8 5 Jacks or Better so downgrading means they pay lest for the exact same hand in the exact same game that you may
have played in the past you need to understand
that’s a very bad thing for players and you lose approximately
1.1 percent from the expected return for each
corning thats downgraded either the full house or the flush these approximations but they have good for ballpark figures
specially if you don’t have your E are percentages
with you when you go to the seen the Dexter muir bantered around
frequently by video poker players is a term quite expected return I refer to it sp are the expected return
is the percentage figure and it tells you the theoretical percentage you get from that came
assuming a hundred percent computer perfect play it doesn’t have to be 100 percent to get
close to it but if you purchase and software that
software will tell you what your personal expected return yes if it’s tutorial
nature to give you a better perspective if that E are is a hundred percent it means
you’re at even ons with the casino if it’s higher than 100 percent you have
the edge if that’s lower than 100 percent then
the casino has the edge realistically speaking the casino almost always have the edge but you want the edge to be as small as
possible so given a choice between 99 percent a or and ninety eight-percent E are
naturally you which is the 99 percent a are all
other factors being equal the variance is the likelihood that
short term our session expectations will be the
same as the longtime expected return so you will have very good days in very
bad days in the long run it should be close to the expected return depending on your
skill level you are at high risk for sure listen
your bankroll with the high variance Kane and the love
areas game this less risk to lose your bankroll because you get more freak more returned
from frequent Hance with a high-risk game you get more the
return from infrequent so it’s tricky with those definitions in mind here are
some reasons you may wanna play 85 this poker the first reason when you get the casino you may discover that your game 9-6 Jacks or Better is no
longer available they may have downgraded for shizz such
as: 95 Jacks or Better 86 Jacks or Better or even a 5 Jacks or Better if that happens you’d be far better off
play and 85 bonus poker than any other versions I
just mention for Jacks or Better reason number two yes the strategy you can use the same
strategy for 85 bonus poker that you use for 96 Jacks or Better there are few
differences and if you want to get 100 percent
accuracy including penalty cards we’ll have to
practice on your software at home but in general its very easy strategy and you can use
the exact same strategy for jacks or better as you can for 85 bonus poker another reason is it’s less warning in jacks or better you get paid bonus money for special for kinds with jacks or better you get a 125
points returned with every five point that for 4 for
coming however with bonus poker you get for aces return a 400 quiets with 42 threes or four you get two hundred points return so
that gives a little bit at the excitement to the
game when you get special forever kinds another reason you might wanna play 85
bonus poker is the comp’s usually slips through the
cracks with casino management so they’ll give you full currents back
when you play 85 bonus poker sometimes they know 96 checks a better is a great
game and yet they will not if you curbs or
slot Club Cashback on 96 Jackson better but with 85 always that I have seen forgetful slot club cash as well as for cops when you play that game 85 bonus poker also is good in terms the
variance true it doesn’t have a slow a fair
chance as Jacks or Better 96 jacks or better
for example has a 19.25 variant whereas 85 bonus poker has a variance above twenty point night but when you
compare it to versions have double double bonus they have a variance 41 plus depending on the version have double
double bonus that they’ve chosen so the variance is relatively low
meanness less risk to lose and your bankroll than many
other video poker choices another reason you might wanna play 85
bonus poker is its often found I’m progressive
devices sometimes you’ll see a bank machines
that offer several different video poker games and they
share the same Royal Flush progressive jackpot if you
have a choice between 85 bonus poker and other games like coyote ugly deuces that may only
pay ninety-five percent expected return of
course you would choose to play 85 bonus poker on that progressive thank sheets the last good reason that you may wanna
play 85 bonus poker is your in a casino to have
fun sometimes you’re bored play and 96 Jacks
or Better and you simply want to switch games you
don’t have to worry about changing the game strategy and yet you can play a game that people
think is much more exciting than any version
Jacks or Better so switch to 85 bonus poker and see if you can get some others
special extra pain for attack its if you want to know more
about me and my work I’ve written a book the video poker edge I also right for several magazines i
right Midwest caning and travel i right for southern que me and for errors and a player have also
written a few stories for American casino guide don’t forget that you can see more of
our educational gaming videos on our YouTube channel just go to YouTube dot com slash
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  1. Good advice Linda..most casinos no longer offer 9/6 jacks or better. I did find it at the Main Street Station bar..8/5 bonus poker is good alternative..and more exciting because of the extra payoff for certain 4 of a kinds..like four 2,3,4 or 4 aces

  2. Linda's advice paid off for me. I used to only play Jacks or Better, but they don't have the 9/6 version at my favorite casino. So I found 8/5 Bonus Poker there, and I hit 4 Aces.

  3. I'm actually a big fan of 8/5 Bonus Poker. It's got some exciting play with a low risk factor and the strategy is almost completely identical to JoB, give or take a few minute exceptions to the rule. The casino I play at has 8/5 Bonus Poker on a progressive, and the progressive is in effect for 4 5-K's, and both the Royal Flush and Straight Flush (and it's at the bar, double win for me, can play while watching a game). True, it's not as exciting as Double Bonus, but it's still nice to win 200 or even 400 coins when you might usually only expect 125 on JoB. 8/5 Bonus Poker is also where I hit my first (and only) Royal Flush for $1,000.

    To me, JoB is kind of like watching paint dry. There's no excitement unless you hit a Straight Flush or Royal Flush, and those are very rare compared to Four of a Kind.

  4. This woman is working for the casinos and is trying to convince people to play Bonus Poker instead of demanding better games. She says it is smart to play this turd of a game instead of playing a downgraded JOB. Its like saying eating mud is better than eating feces and expecting mud sales to skyrocket.

    The Boyd family owns a large group of player unfriendly casinos. I am pretty sure she is part of that family and this is a lame attempt to get idiots to gamble more. She has published a number of similar articles in free newspaper type magazines that are printed by the casino industry. Do not take advice from her.

  5. Since two pair pay the same as jacks or better, is it better to hold a dealt two pair or the paying pair?

  6. 2018 I can only find 7 5 Jack's or better ridiculous my local casino sucks they have 20 video poker machine some are even 6 5 Jack's or better. when I brought up that I was looking for 9 6 Jack's or better they looked at me like I was crazy. So I went back to the live poker table lol.

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