Will Pro Cyclists Ruin Gravel? | GCN Show Ep. 358

– From Okinawa, Japan, and
the 31st Tour de Okinawa, welcome to the GCN show! – Welcome to the GCN show. – This week, are road pros
about to make gravel boring? GCN investigates. – Or speculates, as the case may be. – Yes. – We’ve also got a new
round the world record, or two depending on how you look at it. A Paris-Saint-Germain e-bike, and the world’s first ever
case of inspirational doping. – Yes, which is not doping
that makes you on a dope, we’ll explain later. – It’s dopey people being duped by doping. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – This week, in the world of cycling, we learned an adult
balance bike is a thing. – Yes, this is John Bannon from Indiana, really taking it on the chin. We also learned this week, thanks to Cycling Science on Twitter, and Jonny de Box’s dissertation
at Ghent University, that improved core stability really does lead to improved performance on a bike, as illustrated by this
picture of a man in his pants. – Fantastic. We also learned this week it takes 700,000 pieces of Lego to make one Peter Sagan. – [Simon] How many pieces of Lego’s it takes to make Tom Last then? – One brick. And finally this week, we
learned that Pete Dettinger is not the only roadie
to be turning his hand to gravel racing next year. Turns out that Laurence ten Dam, pro for 16 years, top 10
finisher at the Tour de France, is also going to try to
be a pro graveler in 2020. – That’s right, and so we
are asking the question; will roadies end up ruining gravel? Or is it not inevitable
that with marginal gains, super serious training,
and annoyingly strong legs, that that will actually happen? – Now as two cyclers that
started out their careers as cross country mountain bikers, I think we can both see
a few parallels between gravel racing now and mountain
biking back in the day. So mountain biking in the late
80’s and early 90’s was about freedom and fun and being able
to take your bike to places you’d not been able to take it before. Or even just having a
hack about the local woods in a Sunday race with your mates. – Just like gravel, and so it was, it stayed that way as beautiful innocence. Until roadies came along, doo doo doo. – Yes, with increased popularity, cross country mountain biking
drew in more sponsorship, and a few pro road riders
got the scent of some money. So they came across and
tried it with some success, you’d have to say. So it turns out that being
scientific with your training, using a heart monitor
etc, yields better results than just hacking about the
local woods during the week. – Now, whilst you could argue
that roadies coming across to mountain biking and making
it all serious is part of what contributed to the sport losing its soul, whilst maintaining immense
popularity you’ve got to say. It’s kind of ironic isn’t it? That mountain biking, cross
country mountain biking at least, never really
matured into that TV friendly mega money machine that
we all thought it would. And so actually, most of the
roadies went back to the road and took a whole bunch of
mountain bikers with them. – Yeah, it turns out that
it’s quite hard to make mountain biking look as
exhilarating and exciting and thrilling on TV, as it
is to experience it yourself. And I wonder whether gravel
events might go the same way? Could history repeat itself? – [Simon] No. – [Daniel] No? – No, no I don’t think so. I mean, there are parallels, you’ve successfully drawn them, but gravel racing and the cross
country mountain biking that we grew up with are
fundamentally different in that gravel is less result driven, and more about the sense of accomplishment you get from just completing it. So, I get the sense that if
I were to do a cross country mountain bike race next
season, and take a kicking, then I would get considerably
less of a thrill from it than if I manage to complete Dirty Kanza. – Yeah, finishing a Dirty
Kanza is going to be an accomplishment for any cyclist, no matter how experienced they are. I also wonder whether there’s
more of a link, really, between gravel and road
racing, which means that being on the start line next to
someone like Laurence ten Dam is going to be part of
the draw for the entrance. I mean, how cool is it to
be on the same start line as a Tour de France pro? – Yeah, that is very cool. Although, warning out there,
the novelty of sitting next to one did wear off some years ago, so. – [Daniel] I thought you might say that. – Yeah, let’s be fair, Laurence
was actually a really good Tour de France cyclist, so you know, the novelty will probably
take a bit longer to wear off. – Thank you very much, Si. I always wondered actually, these events could be
your ticket from gravel to becoming a pro road rider. ‘Cause apparently the winner
of last year’s Dirty Kanza, or this year’s one, should
I say, Kain Strickland, was actually offered a pro road
contract by EF Education First. Now, he did turn it down– – We assume. – For another, we think he
has, but it just goes to show you what’s possible by
riding these events. – Yeah, or just that the standard is super super high. – I think it is. – Yeah, finally then, to
go back to what we said at the beginning, Laurence ten Dam. Of all the European pro riders, he is definitely enough of a
hipster to actually settle in to the gravel scene, and
be welcomed with open arms. He loves his barbecues,
he loves his beers, he loves his camper vans, and who knows? He might actually not decide
to go that fast next year, and if he goes nice and steadily, then there won’t be a controversy at all. – That is true. I don’t think there’d be many
people upset at the appearance of Laurence ten Dam at gravel events. On the other hand– – Good facial hair too, we forgot. – On the other hand, though, what happens if Dario (mumbles) turns
up in the wings as well? – [Simon] Yeah, well, that’s a good point. Who would be the worst,
most unpopular European pro to go over to America to– – Ricardo Rico. – Yeah, although, the
controversy of that would be small fry compared to whether or not he chooses to use clip on aero bars. – Hey, yeah, that could
cause a media frenzy compared to all the others, couldn’t it? – Or fanny pack versus frame bag. – Oh, don’t go too far Si– – Would Rico use a fanny pack? – Right, let’s get the opinions on– – I think Rico would
definitely use a fanny pack, just for the record. That guy would use anything. – See what you did there as well. We would like to hear
your opinion on this, especially if you’ve
been into gravel riding and racing for quite some time. Are you really pleased about the fact that your events are getting
more and more popular, and drawing the attention
and participation of some pro road riders? Or do you feel like gravel racing is losing it’s (speaks
in foreign language)? – What does that mean, Dan? – Reason of being. – Oh, right. – Next up is your weekly GCN inspiration, where you submit or upload
your inspirational videos or photos and we pick our top three, which get some very cool prizes. – Yeah, we’ve got some new
super special prizes this week. As you can see, Dan and I
are sporting the new GCN contrast range, which is a
special edition new in the shop, and we’ve also got prizes to match. So at the moment you can
actually get them at a special Black Friday price, but
you’ve got to get in quick, because that will go back up on December the fourth to regular prices. Right, so third place,
check these bad boys. – They’re long. – I know, we’re going to
ask them to be even longer, those are available in black as well. Then second prize, we have a baseball cap. Actually, is that a baseball cap? – I don’t know. (mumbles) – I can do, if you like,
and a cool t-shirt. And then first place, we’re
on riding gear again (laughs). – Why are you laughing? – We’ve got a (mumbles),
and then also this wicked long sleeve jersey as
well, so there you go. – You don’t think I’ll be
able to get away with it. – Yeah, take it off quick. – Okay, well I can’t now, because
my hair will be mucked up, I’ll do it between takes. Right, before we move on to
the first of our prize winners this week, a little mention
about last week’s prize winner. Last week’s prize winner of the Keep Cup. Unbelievably, Si, it turns
out that this photo came in from Don B isn’t real,
it’s been photoshopped. – Oh, I know. Well, so we were absolutely
dumbfounded weren’t we? A lot of you in the comments,
obviously highly trained, did pick it out. We had an internal investigation here, our head of graphics pointed out as well. So yeah, it does turn out
that to an experienced eye, if you look closely, it does seem to have been photoshopped, doesn’t it? – [Daniel] I mean, to excuse
myself, I was just looking at the Cervelo, I didn’t
really notice the lightning. – Well, I know, and to
be honest with you mate, it does take a trained eye, like I said, to notice that that was
photoshopped by a five-year-old. – But you will not be
getting away with it again. You will get your Keep Cup though, Don B, because we were fooled. – Yeah, we’re onto you. – In third place this week,
receiving this prize that Si– – The socks! – [Daniel] Is Adrian, and this is open up. He finished this build a couple of months ago and can’t get enough of it. – [Simon] Wow, that is cool. Are we sure that’s not photoshopped, mate? ‘Cause that looks, that
looks like a volcano. – [Daniel] I’m a bit
worried about everyone that we’ve chosen today, but
well done to you, Adrian. – The gravel road’s not photoshopped, and the bike’s not, so
that’s pretty cool, isn’t it? All right, second place,
which is for Dan’s hat there, and also this super nice
t-shirt was sent in by Lawrence. He was rewarded for the early start on our new forest gravel ride. Whoa, look at that Dan,
that’s a mountain bike and a gravel bike in the same photo. – Yeah, shows that they
can both get along. This is actually very near to my house. I know exactly where that bridge is near Burley in the new forest. There’s loads of great
gravel riding around there. Well, I’ll be doing quite a lot of road riding there fairly soon. And we’ve got the winner of
the top prize in first place this week is Paul, who’s on
holiday with his mate Neil, so inspired by the photo you
submitted to your show by Don B that went outside with my mate Neil, and this is the photo that he got. How cool is that, he’s on the moon. – I know, isn’t that insane? I didn’t realize that
anyone had ever managed to take a bike up there. So, that is great, isn’t it? – Is that a giant defy, defying gravity? – Yeah, weird that he hasn’t
taken peddles with him. That seems like an omission. But that happens, doesn’t it? Sometimes you go on and take
your bike somewhere exotic, and you get there, and you find that you’ve
left your thru-axle, or your peddles, or your seat clamp, but still not to be deterred,
at least he’s gone for it. – We are of course joking, sorry Paul, no prize for you this week
despite the great photoshopping. The actual winner of the first prize is Jacek, sorry, from Switzerland. (laughing) Off season’s amazing too, this is the one that
I’m a little bit afraid has been photoshopped, because it looks so amazing. – [Simon] Now, I’m going
to stand up for that one. I think that’s actually what
Switzerland looks like Dan. – [Daniel] It’s an amazing pic, isn’t it? – [Simon] That is fantastic. – [Daniel] That makes you
want to go out on your bike. – Inspirational, some might say. – Don’t forget to keep
submitting your photos. There’s a link to the upload
in the description below, or you can now of course, use the GCN app. Now we know that some of
you have been frustrated with the fact that you can’t find the app in your Playstore’s, not available worldwide
just yet, but as an update. – Sigh, we have now got it
available in Brazil, Mexico, India, South Korea, Taiwan,
and Columbia, and it will, we hope, soon be available worldwide. So thank you for your patience. – That’s it, stay tuned. And remember, hopefully that will happen before Dan completes his adventure, and you can make him ride even
further by liking his post. – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now, and
we’ll start with the sad news that legendary French
cyclist Raymond Poulidor passed away last week at the age of 83. – He was by all accounts France’s most loved sports star,
despite of the fact, probably because of the fact
that he never won the Tour. He finished runner up three times, and third place a further five times. He actually never even got to wear the yellow jersey once in his career. – No, astonishing really, isn’t it? That a rider with 189 wins
has that dubious honor. But I think his legacy should
be as much about the value of sportsmanship and class as it is about number of race victories. – True, part of his legacy in fact, is his grandson Mathieu van der Poel. Who managed, despite the emotions, to travel down to the
Czech Republic to compete in the UCI Cyclo-cross World
Cup in Tabor, which he won, before traveling back up to Belgium to do the following
Cross, which he also won. – Yeah, Annemarie Worst also completed the same feat in women’s race. She beat Ceylin del Carmen
Alvarado at the World Cup, and Sanne Cant at the Floundrian Cross. – Right, let’s move on from racing to some actual riding, shall we? We noticed last week on our
favorite bearded cyclist’s Instagram page, that being
Dan Craven of course, that the Richmond-San Rafael
Bridge in the bay area in San Francisco is
finally open to cyclists, which is a big step forward, isn’t it? Because it cuts a hundred kilometers from that particular trip. – Yeah, apparently so, now big Dan Craven. He was not only there as it opened, but he also made lots of friends. Well, he was there,
including Frieda the dog, as you can see. – Also last week, Road CC
reported that the German ultracyclist Jonas
Deichmann is set to smash the Cape to Cape world record. So that is riding from the top of Norway to the very tip of South Africa. 18,000 kilometers in total,
and as he reported it, he had 620 kilometers
to go, and was a full 32 days ahead of the existing record. – Would you take a day off
if you were 32 days ahead? – No, I wouldn’t, what if somebody came along and beat it by a day? – Good point, put it on the shelf. Now sticking with ultra-endurance, but not smashing records
quite so comprehensively. Two British doctors have just broken the round the world
record for tandems, yes. 218 days it took them, and
they shaved just 9 days off the record, which must
have been a little bit tense. – [Daniel] Sounds like my whole
nightmare, that whole thing. Sticking with round the
world record breakers; last week we were sent this
message from Jenny Graham. – Hey, I’m Jenny Graham, and
last week I had an amazing time I have Han giving an
introduction to my packing. And this winter I’ve got
loads more adventures planned, including one very silly
one that’s going to happen over Christmas and New Year, and might include this one here (laughs). – A little bit of tech news now, for any football fan cyclists out there, or at least Paris-Saint-Germain
fan cyclists out there, you can now get a
Paris-Saint-Germain e-bike. – You can, you can see
all this information on the e-bike tips website
which also included the price tag, which is
not as bad as we thought it was going to be, is it? – No. – 1600 euros, if you buy one. – Yeah, you might get
a discount for the fact that it’s got paris-Saint-Germain on it. I don’t know how well
they’re doing this season, but you know. Lastly, we have been
working with our mates over at the Suffer Fest to put GCN
training videos on their app, and the first five went live last week making them fully interactive. – That’s right, so our
GCN workout’s got the full Suffer Fest treatment, which
means they’ll be based on your full DP skill, which
is that fitness test which I went through twice. It also means they’ll be fully interactive via your smart tray, which I
know is something that a lot of you have been calling for
quite a few years now. (drilling sound) Next up, it is hack forward
slash bodge of the week. Submit your hacks and bodges, you can use the upload
on it which is below, or again you can use the
GCN app where also in fact, you can vote on other
people’s hacks and bodges, and whether you deem them. In fact, we could maybe use
people’s votes in future to decide whether they’re
a hack or a bodge, or we could just override people. – Well yeah, that is a good point, Dan, because it’s contentious isn’t it? Before we can get started, we’ve had a complaint about last week. Not photoshopping this time, more the fact that we’re just
being dense for other reasons. When we couldn’t quite get
our heads around this image of a bike being literally chained up. Turns out Dan, you don’t
literally have to break the chain to wrap it around a post, and
actually, when you zoom in, you can clearly see that that is not the case, so there we go. We’ve been well and truly told again. – So we could make a
video every Monday Si, where we apologize for all our mistakes in the previous weeks videos. – Isn’t that what the GCN
show does on a Tuesday? – Probably yeah, but it’s
taking too long these days. Right, the first one for this
week comes in from Fizzbomb68. Here’s my budget laptop stand, complete with double 240 volt sockets. Also budget air conditioning provided by sliding door further
opened as the tempo rises. – Well the only bit about
that I think is quite cool is the Hedgehog, and you can’t see that when you’re on the trainer. – Well, it’s quite a good
stand there, isn’t it? If he’s made it himself. – Has he? – [Daniel] I presume so. – [Simon] Well, I don’t see
anything at face value anymore. – It’s a budget laptop stand. – Well, I was going to say, he
could maybe buy that at IKEA. I don’t know what to
think anymore, Dan, truly. The trust is gone. Is that a hack? – [Daniel] Yeah. – The door’s a bodge, but there we go. Right, BionicWheeler spotted
in London, any ideas? – [Daniel] No. – Actually hang on a bit,
isn’t that the kind of thing that you attach your kids’ seat– well, probably not a trailer
there, more of a seat, but yeah, I think that’s
just a kid’s seat attachment. That probably exists in real life. No. – Moving on, Terry came in with this; I use it to peak a back
loader for commuting, and have a light clipped to that. I wanted a second light
for additional safety. Couldn’t fit it to the seat
post so I designed my own bracket in a 3D cat system
and had it 3D printed. – Come on, smarty pants. – It fits perfectly to the
rack bosses and my dome RDX. – [Simon] Oh, that does look neat. – [Daniel] It is rather neat, isn’t it? – [Simon] Yeah, I like that. – [Daniel] Might (mumbles),
it’s a hack for me. – Yeah that’s a hack for me. I mean, it automatically
qualifies as we’ve said before, because it’s 3D printed and
they’ve mentioned the use of cat in there, so, yeah
to us that’s brilliant. Right, next up, from Sloth in a Bowl, you can spend almost 200
quid on a kicker laptop table or you could use a bit
of leftover chip boards and padline string,
and make a cable stayed laptop platform to sit your bike on. – [Daniel] Laptop on. Doesn’t look particularly stable does it? On a piece of string like
that, even though it was cheap. Trying to– Keep your road ons, and
that’s all over the place. – [Simon] That’s a massive bodge. – Next up, this from Tim Sellis, I bought a specific tablet
holder for my bike on Defy it will not work on aerobikes, so rather than splashing
out more kit, use an old ranker cover, and mount a
cassette ring for stability. Cable tied it to my
existing mount and computer. So there you go, there’s his– – [Simon] Wow, that’s quite aero isn’t it? Look at that. – It’s neater than aero side, because I presume he’s
just using it with a swift. – Oh, I see. – Really big head out there
you have on the open road. – Well yeah, I was thinking would be really good for mapping. – [Daniel] I might be
controversial here and go bodge. – [Simon] Yeah the chain link
doesn’t look pretty, does it? And zip ties, I can’t get
excited about zip ties. – No, me neither. – You know when you cut the end, they’re the sharpest thing
on earth, aren’t they? – Had some bad experiences? – I have, yeah, I really have. – Should we move on? – Yeah, please. That’s awful. Right, HugoBCI said a construction
iron bar I found laying in a construction site, added
the hose for protection, then bend the iron bar so it formed a holder for my handle bar bag. (laughing) – Why’d you want a handle
bar bag behind your saddle? Just get a saddle bag. – [Simon] It’s a good point, Dan. – [Daniel] Is it a good
point well made, or not? – Well, it was very succinct, yeah. I mean, I like the sort of
fact that you’re reusing and you’re upcycling, but
yeah, Dan’s point is valid, why not just buy a saddle bag? – [Daniel] I think its a bodge. – Yeah, I’m inclined to agree mate, yeah. – The final one this week
comes in from Aboardman. My workmates’ bike helmet. We were all in fits of
laughter when we saw it, it may at least have been
practical in Australia, but it ain’t in windy
Wellington, New Zealand. He thinks it’s great. – Well, I mean it gets
around the thorny issue of peak up or peak down, because I think the brim just stays
where it is, doesn’t it? – [Daniel] Bodge. – [Simon] Well, yeah, I mean– – It serves a purpose, I’m sure, but I mean even we don’t
see it in that one. – Also if you go too fast, you’d be in danger of
whiplash, wouldn’t you? So actually, it’s quite
dangerous, just go careful. – Don’t forget to keep
submitting your hacks and bodges ready for next week’s show. It’s caption photo now, which
is of course your weekly chance to win a GCN
bottle, which has changed. – Yeah, well, eagle eye
viewers will have noticed it actually changed a few weeks about, but we can now officially announce, just in case you hadn’t guessed, that we have a partnership with the good people over at Elite. Which is super exciting,
because not only are the bottles super lightweight, they are
also biodegradable as we found out when John Cannings went
to their water bottle factory. Make sure you check that video out, actually, it’s really good. – Available in red, black, or clear, in a couple of sizes too. – There is also weirdly one down there with Dan’s face on it. That would be much, much coveted. – I’m sure they’re sold out by now. It’s got your face on it too, Si. – Ah, amazing. – Did you not know that? – No.
– No wonder you didn’t want me to show it.
(crosstalk) Anyway, on with the caption
competition, last week’s photo was this one of Eli Iserbyt
at the end of the European Cyclo-cross Championships,
and our winner is Bilbo736 who put “Eli Iserbyt tired of all these jokes with his last name”. – [Simon] Yeah. – Might have to give it
a rest now, won’t we? See how we struggle to come
up with another caption. – Absolutely. Right, so this week’s photo… The Cyclo-cross season’s
brilliant isn’t it? It never disappoints. So here’s the photo for you
to get your teeth stuck into. Remember, put a caption
in the comment section and we will choose the best one. The winner then gets a
GCN Elite water bottle. Dan, do you want to get us started? – Well, this is (mumbles)
Backaert of Belgium crashing during those European
Cyclo-cross Championships. – [Simon] Oh, my Backaerts. – [Daniel] Oh nice one, did you just come up with that on the spot? – [Simon] Literally spontaneous. – This photo took quite
some time to come out, but I’m still pleased with it. Now this is what you call
a plant based cyclist. Did we tell you he got a book out? – That’s good mate, that’s
even better than mine. – Sorry, I’m overcome with emotion at how good my caption was. Let us know your best captions in the comments section below. – Before we get on to what’s
coming up on the channel over the next seven days, our
customary look back at some of the brilliant comments that you’ve been leaving under the previous
seven days worth of videos. – Starting with a couple of comments from the same person underneath; how far can we ride in 24 hours? It wasn’t we, so it was (mumbles). Came from CnE; watching this must be
truly inspiring for Dan. I bet he’s raring to go with his 1000 plus kilometer challenge now. We won’t be doing that big
of a ride in one go, but I am going to try and do my 1000
kilometers on the run to Christmas. – [Simon] Dan, some other
cheekster pointed out that the fact that they only did 497, that had they asked you to do it, you definitely would have
done that last three k to make it 500, and I couldn’t
help but think yeah you could have done that last
three k’s, make it 500, but in no way on earth
you’d do the first 497. – I did 70 on Sunday,
thank you very much Si. Almost 20 miles an hour,
goodness knows how. The e-bike, I guess. Also from CnE, hitting
McDonald’s in central Manchester at three a.m., in full cycling kit, is taking bravery to another level. Chapeau! Rather agree with that, yeah. – Absolutely. Right then, underneath the “game of bike” that Jeremy played with legendary
Belgian pro Tom Meyerson; Danger Zone said, “Jeremy
talking himself into the jump and then utterly bulldozering that log was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on this channel”. Its true, but how good was Tom Meyerson? I mean, don’t get me
wrong Jeremy’s amazing, but Tom Meyerson bunny hopping? – Well should we take
a moment to appreciate how smooth he is at bunny hopping? I mean that’s, makes it look
easy, and that’s really high. – Can we also take another moment to appreciate Jeremy’s
face on landing there? That is a look of pure adoration. – I think my face would’ve been quite similar to Jeremy’s at that point. But also, he had to do it
after him, so slight fear. – Yes, exactly, he’s like oh man I’ve so lost this one, yeah. – Right, coming up on GCN
over the next seven days; on Wednesday we are going
to show you how to choose the correct frame size,
which is not that easy. – No it’s not, but it will
be after watching the video. – Thursday we’re going to give you our top five nutritional tips. Friday we have the Southern
Cross bike exchange, not a way for you to exchange
your Southern Cross bike for somebody else’s, but rather
when you see those riders changing their bikes in the pits, what’s the best way of doing it. – Well that’s it, there’s
a lot that goes into it, and I didn’t realize. So yeah, Jeremy talks us through it. On Saturday we’ve actually
addressed the question that you all asked in my and
Dan’s poke at mountain biking. What actually is the difference
between a gravel bike and a modern cross country mountain bike? Where is each on faster than the other? Then on Sunday it’s clips versus flats. Chris and James basically did some science to try and work out which was faster. – On Monday we have the race new show over on GCN racing YouTube
channel, and on Tuesday we’re back in the set for episode 359. Has Jeremy done one on going over hurdles? ‘Cause I think my son Jude
could do with a few tips. – Could he? – Here he is attempting his
first ever hurdles on Sunday. – [Man] Well done son, well done. (crosstalk) Go, go, go. – Now as ever, we are
getting on towards the end of the GCN show, but don’t worry, we still have time for extreme corner, and we can’t ignore Tom
Meyerson’s incredible feat. Even though we’ve just talked
about it, we need to see more. (upbeat music) – He’s got skills, no doubt about that. – He does, I tell you what,
he’d give those GNC boys a run for their money even
with a seat post that high. – Well, he makes Jeremy look rubbish. Sorry Jeremy. He’d make me look even rubbisher. – That is a good point,
actually, a very good point. – If you’ve enjoyed this
week’s GCN show, we would love for you to give us a thumbs
up down below so to speak. But we have a couple more bits of housekeeping to come first. First up, don’t forget you can
get our special Black Friday merchandise over at
shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com at a special price until
the fourth of December, at which point it will go
back to it’s normal price. – That’s right, and then some sad news. Unfortunately GCN New Yorker has sold out completely already. – We’re as surprised as you are. – Well yeah, unbelievably. But no, seriously, if you
feel a bit disappointed now, then there is actually some
news that will be coming very soon that may well perk you
up and even more of you too. So stay tuned for that. – Right, we will see you next week. But in the meantime,
why not watch that video with Mark Beaumont which you
can find just down there.

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  1. A note on some of your remarks about this week's Inspiration photos: I'm a long-time film (50+ years) photographer who reluctantly switched to digital in the past five years. But for some of the most advanced cameras, and/or lucky, photographers aiming their cameras at Santa Cruz FS's backlit by sunsets, cyclists doing wheelies into tornados, or even a passing shot of a rider spitting gravel towards the camera as it slides around a corner; editing programs–photoshop is the commonly used word, mostly as an adjective rather than a proper name and interchanged with wild abandon–whether the monster that is Photoshop or the feature inside one's phone, most photos are digitally changed.  

    Lightning bolts renting the sky, as in this week's photo? Likely Photoshop. The shot of the bike against the sunset might have been truly untouched, but judging by the gravel and surrounding colors–including the sunset–it's pretty likely the photographer cranked up saturation a notch or three, as well a few other editing tools, like sharpening.

    Love the show down here in the Texas Hill Country.

    Wimberley, TX

  2. Da Brim is for countries that have more than two hours of sun annually, and often 35C summer temperatures. Alas the UK doesn't qualify.

  3. Gravel racing lost it soul when most races went from free to $200+. I think riding with the pros is a cool experience. I hope they show up at the free events!!!

  4. caption: proving that the theory of gravity can be a dirty job… brought to you by next year's sponsor 'Tide' and Academy of Science.

  5. #AskGCNTraining – Hi guys, my training week currently consists of 1 base ride, 2 sweetspot indoor rides and 1 HIIT VO2 Max indoor ride. When it comes to the sweetspot rides is it better to increase the duration of the sweetspot interval or is it better to increase the number of intervals? currently I am doing 3 sets of 3 X 5 on 5 off .I am trying to increase my FTP whilst trying to keep the short sharp efforts going. Please help

  6. Oh No! Those Elite Fly bottles are rubbish: too squeezy, cap leaks and shuts when you don't want it too, and cap hard to screw on and off tightly. Love the Elite Corsa bottles, or your old Camelbaks. Put your faces on those and I'm in!

  7. As both a cycling and Lego nerd I really appreciated the quick mention of Sagan's Lego statue. Not often you guys can bring me info on my second hobby.

  8. If your zip ties are sharp, they this. To cut them off flush, pull the part to be cut off, to the side, and run a sharp blade/knife, right next to the knob. It’ll quickly slice it off, flush and smooth.

  9. Simon, don't cut zip ties. Twist them off with a pair of pliers,
    round and round until it breaks loose and it won't be sharp. Try it. It works.

  10. I know ‘that Bridge’ as well Dan, used to fish for tadpoles in there as a kid some 45 years ago!……….(I think thats probably illegal now isn’t it?)….

  11. Caption competition?……’oh no!…..where’s my bio-degradable Elite water bottle gone, it was just there a moment ago?!’…..

  12. Tried to explain to the wife about the craving and deep satisfaction you get from a pair of aching legs during or after a ride. She looked utterly disgusted. You know what I mean though…..don’t you??

  13. Dude. It's simply about camera angles. MTB is still the bees knees in terms of fun and skill; you just can't video it. Gravel is the compromise. Enough flats/straights/open land that you can get cameras in there but with a bit more excitement of differing terrain.

  14. FFS, it's a cap. It's so 'Merican you are getting jolly all over it. It's used when you need to drop the kid to school or dog for a walk before you had a chance to shower and get yourself together. Utilitarian, mate.

  15. Ruining races yes but never riding! There are lots of small town races that locals compete in and friendly competition is ok. But going out and blowing everyone away is discouraging to new riders and may keep some from ever racing again!

  16. It all got to be too much, the mud and the crashes. It was time for a change, so he started crawling to the nearest road.

  17. Me screaming on mtb, no no no I say I don't see the fun on riding on road, no challenges on level roads. Watching road racing it's like watching paint dry.

  18. Huge respect to Dan for the "plant based cyclist" caption for the caption comp. I am so over that publication. Only surpassed by his "thumbs up, down below" !!!!!!!

  19. I loved seeing Lachlan Morton and the EF team doing their alternative calendar this year. It was cool to see them doing different types of events and riding different types of bikes.

  20. Roadies have already destroyed the fun of getting off road by bringing their shitty attitude to the gravel tracks, canal paths and wood blocks racing around their gravel bikes

  21. Do rocker plates improve bike handling indoors or is it strictly for comfort and fun? I ride mostly indoors (>90%) and my bike handling skills (not great to begin with) have suffered greatly as evidenced during a recent trip to Mallorca. Winters in Chicago make it practically impossible to ride outdoors. I am doing Haute Route Dolomites in June and need to significantly improve bike handling especially when tackling those hairpin turns. I’m hoping I can improve using a rocker plate to simulate reality. I know that I have to ride more often outdoors, but would a rocker plate suffice in the meantime? Many thanks for your advice!!

  22. Mind Numbing Fact (TM) – Gravel is ALOT safer than Road! Chances of death are massively reduced when riding off-road. Its not the armour plating or wearing of proper helmets, its purely down to the lack of Buses and HGV's on Gravel xD TBH Zwift FTW (Naked cycling is the future)!

  23. In France some journalists discovered that Raymond Poulidor used drugs during his 'tours de france'. That such a big

  24. As great as it is to see pros coming into the adventure riding world, lets please keep in mind, this is our house. You will be hard pressed to find someone who says "I want to do DK" because X pro is going to do it too. And this holds with so many endurance gravel events. They are welcome, but they shouldn't take credit for popularizing an event or ever act like their presence is a gift. All are welcome as guests, so long as their presence doesn't take away from those who where already here making these events their own, growing them, and making them awesome all in their own way.

  25. It's hilarious that you zoomed in on the wrong part of the inspiration doping. The big give-away is the areas of much paler sky around the trees on the horizon, especially exactly where the right-most fencepost is pointing.

  26. I was thrilled to line up with Greg Lemond in 1990 at the start of the Chequamegon 40 mountain bike race. Greg didn’t have a major impact on mountain biking, but those of us that raced that day can say we competed against one of the best ever! How cool is that?

    As with all things, money and greed are the only threats to the gravel scene. Big sponsors and big prizes are not what attract the masses to the sport. When events get really expensive or change to accommodate forces other than adventure, they will die.

    PS: more on the Fat biking scene would be appreciated. Check out the Fat Bike Birkie if you get a chance…

  27. The video title sounds like a headline from the Daily Mail-omatic 😀 "Could pro cyclists give teenage swans cancer?"

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