Wreckfest & The Lord Of The Rings: Adventure Card Game! | Ep 31 | 2019

(ECHOES) You shall pass! (CRASH!) (NORMAL) Because it’s time for GGSP. I’m Gandalf the Rad. I’m Gemalas of Mirkwood. And I’m Wilbo Baggins.
Coming up on the show… It’s a festival of car carnage
in our review of Wreckfest. Plus we travel to Middle Earth
for a deck-building battle in the Lord of the Rings:
Adventure Card Game. Something draws near. I can feel it. The start of the show, maybe? (ECHOES) Fly, you fools! (ARROW QUIVERS) The Lord of the Rings:
Adventure Card Game is a new game based on the legendary
fantasy world of Middle Earth and the book series
written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Mmm. That’s right. It began with the forging
of the great cards. Three were given to you as heroes
to be used in battle. Seven was the number of cards
you could have on the board at any one time. And nine…nine cards was the maximum
you could have in your hand to be played to defeat your enemy. (CRASH!)
But they were all of them deceived. For another card was made. What other card? Uh, there’s no other card. That’s just how the line goes. But the other stuff is true.
Ah! Cool. MAN: Hammer and tongs! MAN: I serve no man. MAN: You would die
before your stroke fell. WOMAN: We have vanquished
the beasts. Come, my friends. I see the path ahead. GEM: The game is similar
to other strategy card games like Hearthstone
and Magic: The Gathering. You have a deck with units,
spells and buffs that you use resources to play, taking turn with your enemy. But instead over trying
your opponent’s health down to zero, each round or location
has a different goal. Yeah, and this brings a nice
amount of variety to the game. You’ll be travelling through a number
of different locations in each quest. The goal can range from simply
defeating a certain number of enemies to using a card’s willpower
to reduce an objective to zero. But no matter what the objective is,
the gameplay remains the same. You start with three heroes
on the board, each with different skills
and strengths. If they all reach zero health,
then it’s game over. I quite liked the heroes
and how differently they all played. Plus it’s so cool seeing characters
I know and love. Each is part of
a Sphere of Influence, which changes their gameplay style and determines what cards
you can put in your deck. My favourite was Aragorn. MAN: I’m Aragorn, son of Arathorn. His power lets you use one resource
to let him take another turn, which was so handy. Although, I’ve gotta say the heroes don’t feel quite as
powerful as they do in the books. You are definitely
always on the back foot, although your enemy is Sauron,
the Dark Lord himself. So it makes sense
it’s a bit of a struggle. Yeah, but I’m playing against
his lackeys, like spiders and orcs. Aragorn should be able to smite
those weaklings down! The game is rather challenging, requiring thoughtful strategy
if you’re to succeed, especially because
the cards you’ve already played carry on to the next location with the same amount of health. The road goes ever on and on,
down from the door where it began. Even though there’s three different
difficulty settings, I still found this tricky,
even on the easiest mode. But, Rad, even with
the enjoyable challenge sometimes requiring me
to replay a few chapters, I have one sizeable gripe. Is it that there’s only one
included campaign? Yes. The base game only has one campaign, which contains five quests
and three challenge encounters with extra campaigns available for
half the cost of the original game. Now, there is a decent amount
of play time with what’s here, but it still feels like
I’m buying half a game. Yeah, I agree. And because it’s quite story-based, it doesn’t make me inclined
to just keep replaying it. Although there is a rich story
on offer. Now, THIS I was into. Tales of Hobbits and ancient wolves
and the slinking, stinking Gollum – its a fantasy fan’s dream. There’s also slight Choose
Your Own Adventure-type moments and even though you ultimately
end up in the same spot, they’re pretty fun. And I liked how the objectives
changed with what was happening
in the story. See, I’m a big Lord Of The Rings fan but the way this was presented, with big walls of text and voiceover, was too dry. If I wanted to read the books
I would go do that. MAN: Don’t just stand there
with your mouths agape. Hurry! WOMAN: The wizard disappears
into the trees and you scramble to follow. In fact, the entire game lacks
the pizzazz and juicy design of something like Hearthstone. And sometimes the design
is downright confusing. It wasn’t clear at first
how to move to a new chapter so I accidentally skipped
most of the tutorial and had to go back and play it. I was wondering why there was stuff
I didn’t understand. Yeah, I wasn’t dazzled
by the deck building either. You can build your deck
for different play styles, but I was pretty happy with just
the standard prebuilt ones. I didn’t find much difference
gameplay-wise between them and my own deck. All in all,
this is a pretty solid game that doesn’t really bring
anything fresh to the table. The phases in combat are
very similar to Magic: The Gathering with minor tweaks. The main difference, of course, is that it includes Lord Of The Rings
characters and lore. So if you want this style of game
anyway and you’re a fan, it’s not a bad offering. I’m going it 2.5 out of 5
rubber chickens. I enjoyed the challenge and it strikes a good balance between being complex
and accessible, but overall it just
didn’t excite me. So I’m giving The Lord of the Rings:
Adventure Card Game 2.5 out of 5 rubber chickens
as well. By the way, love the costume. What costume? Oh, this? No, I’ve just aged terribly. Good spawning, Australia! It’s time for the Scoop
with me, DARREN! My guest really needs no
introduction. So now it’s time for… Ah, hi! I-I’m Gem. Hi, everyone. Aha, affirmative. Hello, Gem. Now it’s time for another bamboozling
DARREN’S Challenge! Which game from the Spyro Reignited
Trilogy does this level feature in? Answer at the end of the Scoop! Now it’s time for a heapin’ helpin’
of gaming news. First up, some announcements from
the recent Nintendo Direct. Along with more details
about Luigi’s Mansion 3 and its multileveled hotel setting, we got a look
at the new animal crossing and a peek at more new Pokemon and
character customisation options in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Aha! So many hairstyles.
(LAUGHTER) We also heard that more fighters
are being developed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And more Mii Fighter outfits,
including Sans from Undertale. No way! My best boy, Sans! Oh, I bet this news about
more fighters coming to Smash will set off the
Justice For Waluigi campaign again. Waaa! I mean, affirmative. In other news from the Direct, a much anticipated
Super Nintendo library has launched for Switch Online. And we heard about new games
like Little Town Hero from Pokemon devs Game Freak. Ha-ha!
Oh! And Little Town Hero also has
an Undertale link. Undertale creator Toby Fox
composed the game’s music. So many connections! Moving on now to news that Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For
Neighborville is happening! The third instalment in
the Garden Warfare-style series is launching officially in October, with some options for early access
as well. Good news on those keen
on another round of botanical battles
against the undead. Uh, or botani-COOL battles. Aha! Now, did you know that the
challenging indy platformer Celeste recently received a new chapter? Chapter 9, Farewell, features new levels, music,
items and mechanics, but will only be available
for players who have already completed chapter 8. I really did love the story
of Madeline and her mountain climb. And what did you think of this news,
Boatmeal? (WHINES) Oh, really? He said that developer Matt Thorson
has said there are no current plans
for a Celeste sequel, so I guess this update might be
the closest thing to one. Wow, Boats, you really have your paw
on the pulse of gaming goss. (LAUGHTER)
Ah! Now for the Extra Scoop! (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) What do you have this week, Gem? It’s another musical one, DARREN, and another amazing
Super Mario Maker 2 creation. A player known as PowerNong
has made a run-and-jump level with an in-game version of
the Queen song We Wil Rock You. (BEATS, CHIMES IN THE STYLE OF
QUEEN’S WE WILL ROCK YOU) What an excellent use of thwomps!
Ooh! And now for the answer
to DARREN’S Challenge! This level is, of course,
Idol Springs, and it comes from Spyro 2:
Ripto’s Rage! I hear the Spyro Reignited trilogy just made its way onto PC
and the Switch 2. Indeed it did. Now, that’s all
for this week’s Scoop. Until next time,
goodnight, Australia! Oh, I do love musical
Extra Scoops, Gem. Makes me want to dust off
the old Singstar microphones. We should do that some time,
shouldn’t we? Ah! Yeah, yeah, sure. Let me just check my schedule
and…and buy some earplugs. What was that?
Nothing. Nothing. What are you talking about?
(MUTTERS) I’ll pencil it in. Welcome, revheads, to this
wrecktastic spectacle, Wreckfest. We’ll be your hosts through this
throwdown. I’m Wheelie Will. And I’m Engine Gem.
En-Gem, if you will. And today we’ll be watching
competitors go head to head, sometimes literally, to compete
for that coveted first spot. To get there, they’ll have to think
fast and drive even faster, all the while dealing out damage
of the vehicular combat variety. Who’ll be coming out on top
and who’ll be decorating the track? Let’s find out. (HEAVY METAL MUSIC) Now, Wheelie,
this campaign is a long one, offering up a heap of different races
on increasingly difficult tracks. And don’t expect
any long, cruisy stretches – Wreckfest is all about
the twists and turns. Turns that’ll knock you around
if you aren’t careful. Ooh! Ouch!
Oh! Aahhh. Now, these races could spend hours
getting familiar with each course and mapping out
the perfect techniques to shave those precious seconds
off their overall times. And they’d be smart to,
because these seconds, particularly in
the one-on-one races, could be the difference
between victory or defeat. And as you know, Gem, with every win
under their belt, they earn XP and credits they can put towards
buying new, flashier vehicles. Excellent exposition there, Wheelie.
Great delivery. And there’s a real incentive
to buy new cars, because the conditions of the track
will affect how your car handles. Smaller units,
though light and speedy, do run a greater risk
of being flipped over, spinning out or being bounced around
like a pinball amidst a sea of cars, while the heavy vehicles, which
are less likely to be knocked around, are slower and don’t take corners with the
precision of a more agile vehicle. I’ve got to hand it to
the organisers of this event. The attention to detail
and the trackwork and the unique feel of the cars
themselves is amazing. And though there is
a steep learning curve for the more inexperienced driver, you really do get to become
one with your vehicles, working out their strengths and
weaknesses on the turbulent tracks. And at the end of the day, Wheelie,
isn’t that what it’s all about – forming a bond with your cars,
pushing it and yourself to the limit? Going further than anyone has ever
gone before in the name of victory?! Well, that
and crushing your enemies. That too! In amongst the chaos
of trying to secure that sweet, sweet first place, one might accidentally bump into
another racer. Doing this with enough oomph
will make them your rival, which means you get extra points
for any damage you do to them. But be careful,
for revenge is a double-edged… ..sword. I was gonna say
“double-edged sword”. That it is. You’ve really gotta weigh up
the pros and cons of launching an attack
on another driver. While you are often rewarded for
dealing certain amounts of damage, qualifying races mean staying ahead
of the pack is a higher priority. Now, the demolition derbies –
well, that’s a whole other story. (HEAVY METAL MUSIC) If racing isn’t your cup of tea, the demolition arenas
are a free-for-all, no rules, all-out chaos machine
where the only way to win is to be the last car in one piece. (LAUGHS) This is my favourite
part of the event. It’s an absolute menagerie of mayhem as cars crash, bash and clash
with one another, sending pieces flying
all over the place. While it’s not realistic to assume that any car would be in
working order during this ordeal, there is an incredible realism
to the cars themselves. They crumple, fold, bend and snap off in such a way that really gives them
a sense of practical weight. That they do. My only real complaint here
is that I’m having a bit of trouble getting a clear view of the action. The camera is quite fixed, and
doesn’t allow for a lot of movement without throwing you off track. In this instance, though, I feel like it adds to
the overall feeling of chaos as you struggle to get a good look
at what’s coming at you. For the real car fans
in the audience, there’s an equally in-depth garage
available where you can buy, customise and tune up your vehicles
the way you like them. Before they get turned into
scrap metal, that is! Well, another day,
another wrecktacular event, folks. There’s something in here
for everyone. Whether it’s the thrill of the
chase, the epic crashes or just to rub your victories
in your friend’s face, Wreckfest delivers. I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5
racing chickens. In amongst all the races today that
keep you on the straight and narrow, Wreckfest takes off the gloves and
throws all etiquette out the window. It’s as chaotic as it is refreshing, so I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5
racing chickens as well. OK, Rad, we’ve got loads of gaming
questions to get through, so I think you’ll agree
it’s time to talk turkey. Um…OK, sure. (GOBBLES LIKE TURKEY) I should have guessed
that would’ve happened. Let’s just take a look at this video
from Kolter and Marci. (GOBBLES) Hi, GGSP. I’m Kolter, this is Marci,
and we’ve got two questions for you. One – what is your favourite game
for the Wii? And can you do a quick review of it? Thanks, and see you! Thanks, Kolter and Marci. What a cool
little animation you’ve made. To your first question about our
favourite game for the Wii, well, there were some great Mario
games for the Wii. Like Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2,
and New Super Mario Bros Wii, plus evergreen classics like Mario
Kart and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Yeah, Mario Kart is always good fun.
Wii Sports is also great. And let’s not forget all
the wonderful Just Dance titles that are available for Wii. Yeah, the Wii was one of Nintendo’s
best-selling consoles, so there are understandably
lots of great Wii games. But if we’re going to pick just one
to do a super quick review of, I think it’s gotta be
Super Mario Galaxy. Such colourful
and imaginative level design, it really captures
the magic of Mario. It truly is a Wii classic. An easy 5 out of 5 rubber chickens.
I totally concur. And, hey, Bajo and Hex reviewed
the sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, on the show a while back. You can check that out
on our online archive. Moving right along now to
a question from Dora The Explorer. Thanks, Dora The Explorer. Well, I have some good news for you, because there actually IS a Mario
Kart game coming to mobile devices called Mario Kart Tour. The official release date
was recently announced as the 25th of September,
so pretty soon now. Although that is a little later
than we were expecting, at least we know it’s on the way.
Yeah. It’s been taking a long time, hasn’t
it? Especially for a racing game. Am I right? They’re usually…fast. Sure.
Yeah. ‘Cause you think they’d come out
speedily, you know? Anyway, let’s have another question. And this one is from Jellyfish
in the fishbowl next to Rad’s desk. Let’s just get DARREN to do those.
Uh… Hello! This is DARREN.
Hey, DARREN. Just some emoticons for you,
please. Go! (CLEARS THROAT) Big think! Robot man! Title! You jelly? Thanks, DARREN. Bye!
Bye. Ohhh! And thank you, Jellyfish. You know, we really should get some
more fish for that fishbowl. Hmm. Now, if you like Moonlighter, some
games that you might like for the PC include My Time At Portia, Stardew Valley, or maybe Yonder –
The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. If you’re more into
the dungeon-crawling aspects, you could enjoy Soda Dungeon, Enter the Gungeon, maybe Swords Of Ditto, or Spelunky. Plus there’s the Between Dimensions
DLC for Moonlighter, if you’re looking to expand
your Moonlighter experience. As for good DLC for Cities: Skylines,
well, it depends on what you like. There are a heap of different
options, from the mass transit DLC, which gives you
more transport options, to natural disasters, if for some
reason you want to destroy all your hard work with a tornado. Personally, I quite like
the After Dark DLC for all those tourist
and leisure buildings. Now for a montage of all
the royal bows, well, we would have to ask
the editors about that. Let me just give them a call. Hello, DARREN speaking.
Oh, hi, DARREN. Sorry, I was just trying to
get the editors. Did I call the wrong number?
Negative. I’ve been rerouting all the GGSP
phone lines through my system to better listen in. I mean, better help you all connect.
Love to assist! Oh, thank you. So, operator, could you please
redirect this call to the editors? One moment, please. (HOLD MUSIC) DARREN: Hello, this is
DARREN’s assistant. Please hold. Wait, not DARREN’s assistant! (HOLD MUSIC) Oh, hi. Editors, Jellyfish is just wondering if we could get a montage
of all of our royal bows. (RAPID HIGH PITCHED CHATTER) Oh, yes, it would be quite
a lot of work to do every bow ever. Oh, how about this? Just some of this year’s royal bows,
as a highlight thing. Alright, deal. Thanks, editors. Yay! Behold, the royal bow montage. Thanks, Queen of Dragons, O royalty. Yes! Queen of the Gaming Angels. Thanks, Queen of Llamas. (TRUMPETS) Oh. Pika!
(DOLPHIN CHATTERS) King of Roasted Marshmallows! Oh, double royalty, so double bow. Thank you, Pokemon King. Fighting evil by moonlight. We’re so sorry, we forgot to bow,
Queen Nexo of Legoland. Yes. Yes, please,
forgive us, your Royal Highness, and spare us
from your master builder army. Ah, so many royal memories.
Love to mem. Now we’d better stop reminiscing
and scoot on out of here. If you have a question for Ask SP, go here and send it in. And remember, video questions we pick for the show will get some groovy GGSP goodies. Did you say groovy?
Yeah, for the alliteration. Groovy GGSP goodies.
So retro. Well, that’s all we have time for
today, but next week on the show… Alley-oop! We’re gonna take to the court for
some intense b-ball in NBA 2K20. And he shoots from down, down! And? Uh, he missed.
Theatre of the mind, Rad. That went better in my head. Don’t forget you can catch up
on our online only videos. This week you can catch my
review of Knights & Bikes. Until next time, be nice, have fun
and keep gaming. Rad out. Gem out.
Will out. DARREN out. Would you rather be a knight
or a bike? Knight.
Yeah, knight. Bike.
I’m sort of both. Captions by Red Bee Media Copyright Australian
Broadcasting Corporation

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