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Hey there.
It’s ya boy, Mikey Slice, and today I’m gonna
show you hot to make money at any casino for
8 hours straight, and I’m starting right now!
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So you hear it all the time, people making
money at the casino, and it’s not you.
Every time you go there you lose, but the
first time you went you won.
Why is that?
Believe it or not the best thing that can
happen to you when you go to the casino for
the very first time is to lose.
Because, you won’t go back ever again, because
you lost.
And you know why you lost, and you know that
you’re never gonna win.
So that’s pro tip #1.
But wait Mikey, if we never go back to the
casino again to play then how are we supposed
to make money?
Well, I’m glad you asked.
If you’re playing slot machines, you’re at
a huge disadvantage the house is going to
take 85-90% and give it back to it’s players,
but they’re going to keep 10-15%.
So for every $100 you put in that machine
you’re going to get 85-$90 back.
Pro tip #1 you can hit that slot machine 500
times in one hour.
Do the math.
How many hundreds are you going to go through
in an hour?
I’ll wait.
So if you’re betting $1 a spin and you spin
it 100 times.
That’s $100.
If you’re doing that for a whole hour straight
that’s $500.
Don’t play at the slots!
The best way to make money in the casino is
the table games.
And for a really good reason.
Some table games the house has a little over
a 1% edge over the player.
So that means for every $100 you play you’re
getting $99 back.
So your money lasts a lot longer as a player.
Some games it’s a lot worse for the player.
Three card poker being the absolute worst.
Stay away from that game at all costs.
But when you get paid, you get paid a lot.
So I guess it’s up to you.
If you’re more of a I want to win big if I
win kind of person.
Three Card Poker might be for you.
If you’re someone who likes to grind it out
and is okay with winning $50-$100 at the end
of the day then maybe Blackjack or Bacarrat
is more of an option for you.But either way,
the house still has an edge.So how are you
gonna be on the winning side of it?
It’s coming right up I promise.
Make sure you watch this whole video.
Now we have Routlette.
Roulette is a one of a kind game, because
it’s almost 50/50 if you bet red or black,
or even or odd.
But there’s 0 and double zero that can really
screw you.
But if you play on a European wheel there’s
only one 0 so the edge actually goes down
a little bit for the house.
Which means you might be able to profit better
than let’s say Three Card.
Here’s a fun fact, if you add up all the numbers
on a Roulette wheel the total comes to 666.
Is that really a game you want to play?
But that’s not including 0 and 00.
Another fun fact about Roulette.
The guy who invented it spent hours in his
basement trying to find out how to beat it.
Didn’t come up with an answer, drove himself
crazy and actually killed himself.
I don’t know about that game.The very best
odds in the casino, if you’re trying to leave
losing the least amount possible and playing
for the longest time possible is Bacarrat.The
house only has a 1% edge on the banker bet,
and almost 2% edge on the player bet, but
if you win on the Banker bet, you have to
pay a 5% commission if you win the hand.
So even when you win you have to give the
casino some money back.
So again up to you, but I have a really big
secret on how to actually make money guaranteed
at the casino and I’m going to uncover it
right now!
BeforeI uncover it I want you to take a second
in the comments below and tell me what you
think the best way to make money is.
I’ll wait.
There’s a few requirements.
You need to be able to count to 21.
You need to have a high school diploma or
GED, and be drug free.
This is important and you’re gonna be blown
away when I tell you why.
All right all right all right.
I’ll stop prolonging it.
I know you’re dying to know.
I’m dying to tell you, but I really want you
to finish that comment below so I’ll give
you a couple more seconds so you can hit that
submit button and then compare your answer
at the end of the video.
But first, check out that video!
After countless hours of being in the casino
and not winning anything, consistently, I
had an epiphany.
Can’t beat em, join em.
All right, here it is.
If you want to make money for 8 hours straight
at any casino you need to go on their website
and submit an application to be a table games
Or any other position that you’d like to fill
at the casino.
Because the house always has an edge.
And don’t you want to be on the winning side?
Yeah I know, it wasn’t the answer you were
looking for, but I’m living proof.
I’ve been working at the casino for a little
over a year now, and I love it.
I make money in the casino for 8 hours straight,
and I don’t have to risk a penny.
It’s super fun, super enjoyable, and you start
out part time, so what are you waiting for!?
Now I’m full time so now I get to make money
in the casino for 40 hours a WEEK.
Now that’s something I never thought was possible
until I started working there.
So if you want to join all you have to do
is go to their website, fill out an application,
nail the interview, and it only takes about
5 weeks to become a table games dealer.
You’ll be glad you did.
I really hope you enjoyed this video.
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Can’t wait to see you then.
Have a good one.
Thanks for watching!

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  1. Just play online poker where the skill is more important and you can get a real edge since you play v other players, not v house.

  2. I love the look and feel of your channel! BIG MONEY!

    RantJamz a streamer in a larger community of smaller streamers including lunatic dad, greenbaywacky, and James Cox #youtubemusicnetwork #IAmACreator.
    People support you and you grow quick! RantJamz and his people also do collaborations with many people who comes to the live stream.

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